Cleveland Browns  voted worst organization Just when the city of Cleveland thought they were on a major comeback the Cleveland Browns one of the city’s Bright Spots has started to dim. Lots of people wish they had a professional sports franchise in their home towns. The Cleveland Browns have been a source of pride for the City of Cleveland and its people for decades. Now the franchise is officially the worst sports organization in the N.F.L. according to the players and according to the new poll that was released today by the Sporting News.

Just think if Jimmy Haslam III would have read this before he spent 1.1 billion dollars on a franchise the Learner family brought back to the city of Cleveland in 1999 for half that amount. One thing is for sure, Haslam has his work cut out for him rebuilding the reputation of the team he spent over a billion dollars to get. What good is having an N.F.L. franchise if none of the great free agents respect it. One of the problems with the Cleveland Browns is not having any key vets who can help these young guys find their way in the N.F.L..

With the release of this players poll, where they voted the Cleveland Browns the worst in the the NFL as far as organizations go, it is no wonder we don’t attract the great players who have free agency. Jimmy Haslam has to work quickly to turn the reputation of his team around if he wants to attract key players to his Cleveland Browns. The City can’t expect to build a winner without the help of key players. When the players have no respect for your franchise you cannot expect to draw them into your city.

This poll could explain why Heckert and Holmgren couldn’t get any great free agents, they don’t want to play for the Cleveland Browns as we know them. You can read the results of the players poll here…..



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