Montario Hardesty Montario Hardesty was called into action when Trent Richardson fell to an injury against the Bengals. Hardesty scored his first touchdown of his NFL career and he rushed for a full 1.1 yards per carry more than the Browns number one draft choice Trent Richardson. Sure you could argue that the Bengals defense was wearing down. The fact is Hardesty hasn’t had a touch all season for the Cleveland Browns thanks to head coach Pat Shurmur.

Hardesty came into the 2012 season in the best playing shape of his career. He showed the Browns brain trust he could rush the football. The head coach took an instant disliking to Montario when he put the ball on the ground in a preseason game. If Shurmur would have played Hardesty through some of the other games, not only would he have kept Richardson fresh the Browns may have been able to keep the defenses guessing and who knows maybe the Browns would have a better record than 1-5 now. Hardesty had something to prove this season. It is his first season in the NFL being healthy. The head coach of the Cleveland Browns was doing his best to keep Hardesty from showing what he could do in the NFL.

With Jimmy Haslam taking over ownership of the team on Tuesday, you can almost bet you are going to see more of Montario Hardesty in the coming games. Jimmy Haslam the third likes the guy who had an outstanding career at Tennessee. We al know what Tennessee meant to Haslam and to see a guy who played inspirational football at Tennessee go out and do it for the Cleveland Browns has to be a great feeling not only for Montario Hardesty, but for Jimmy Haslam too.

Hardesty finished the game with 15 carries for 56 yards and one touchdown, his long run of the day was for 14 yards. T-Rich finished his day with 37 yards rushing on 14 carries and one long of 8 yards. Hardesty had a 3.7 yard average to Richardson’s   2.6 yard per carry average. To have a talent on your team like Hardesty and not to use him in any games until you are 0-5 is just one more reason the Browns head coach Pat Shurmur has to go.

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  1. RICK

    Wow really LG get those jabs in. I guess you need something to talk about so you smear Shurmur around in your articles.

    • LG

      Come on Rick, you can’t possibly think Shumur is the right coach for the Cleveland Browns. The guy spent way too much time trying to convince the Media he wasn’t a moron…He sucks and the Browns will do far better without him….

  2. muttklingon

    y? can’t Coach Pat Shurmur use both ? Hardesty &Richardson? there both great running backs? wright ?

    • LG

      The guy is a moron and has no business being a head coach in the NFL…He should have been using them both all season….

  3. RICK

    I didnt say he was good coach I’m just saying why bash someone when they won.Plus I see you pulled out the ole crystal ball again with your speculation on Hardesty.First you say all year that Richardson is not carrying the ball enough then you say Hardesty should be playing more. which is it they only have a limited amount of plays each game.Sorry you didnt get your wish to get your savior in there but it worked out just fine.

    • LG

      Nothing wrong at all Rick with spiting the time between 2 backs. The Cowboys did it yesterday and both backs almost had 100 yards rushing…Why not switch and have some fresh legs….

  4. Denny Dice

    LG u at it again!! SMH

    Let me start of by saying I was impressed with Hardesty finally !!! He got his first TD in the NFL after 3 years! Yea! He stepped up!! Awesome!!

    But Hardesty was in the dog house because his production last year was avg at best and he was injured. He came into preseason physically fit with a new number. What happen in preseason was the fact Hardesty was not holding on to ball which led to fumbles which led to his demotion to 3rd string back which led to no oppurtunities till yesterday. Also look at the amount of carriers TRich was receiving in the previous 5 games. Shurmur game plan wasn’t calling for Hardesty to be involved on running downs cause they actually never ram the ball much. Hardesty is a between the tackles Rb who isn’t out there on passing downs. So it’s safe to say these are the reasons Hardesty hasn’t been involved.

    LG you trying to take advantage of a one game oppurtunity that Hardesty excelled at and twist it to sound like they should of been using him the while time? Facts are they haven’t used TRich enough and Hardesty oppurtunity came off a injury to TRich


    Lastly Jimmy Haslam will be the new owner but in NOWAY will he dictate who plays. When will you figure that out?????? Haslam won’t meddle like a Jerry Jones or a Dan Snyder. Haslam not going to tell Heckert or Shurmur or any other new coach to play Hardesty more or McCoy for that matter

    LG u live on space mountain my friend

    U in LALA LAND

    • LG

      Denny you the one living in LALA land. Take a look at this show I did with Hardesty he tells you how ready he is this season…The Browns never let him rehab properly before….

    • Bob

      Denny strikes again!

      You are very interesting person with your words as fact statements and your “in the know” statements. Did Haslam call you and tell you that he will, in NOWAY will he dictate who plays or meddle? “You said, “Lastly Jimmy Haslam will be the new owner but in NOWAY will he dictate who plays. When will you figure that out?????? Haslam won’t meddle like a Jerry Jones or a Dan Snyder. Haslam not going to tell Heckert or Shurmur or any other new coach to play Hardesty more or McCoy for that matter”

      REALLY Denny? I think an owner has the right to say or do whatever he wants, especially when he has a terrible coach. Like it or not, he owns the team & signs the checks and he can say whatever he wants to any coach that he is paying for. We as the public really don’t know what goes behind closed doors, do we? He just hear the fluffy media reports. Don’t you remember Jim Irsay (“the owner”)had the final say if Manning was going to continue to play as quarterback for the Colts this year? Irsay made the decision, NOT a coach.

      Also, since you love McCoy so much, I’d thought I would bring him up for fun. You wrote in another area of this blog this past weekend that McCoy was ranked 31 behind Tebow & Gabbert last year. Interesting? Where did you see that? Link? I saw and just confirmed that McCoy was 27th ahead of Tebow & Gebbart even when he did not play the last month or so of the season last year.

      • ABrown

        Bob, I went back and checked McCoy’s ranking, too, and found the same thing. Excellent points about remembering the difference between facts and opinions.

        • Bob

          Thanks ABrown.

  5. Joel

    LG your articles actually make me not want to come to this site anymore.

    • LG

      Joel sorry to hear that. I’ll miss ya man…

  6. RICK

    LG Because someone tells you in your show they’re ready thats all that matters what a joke LMAO. Thats what they are suppose to say. The fact is Hardesty hurt himself with all the fumbles in pre season and got himself demoted. I dont see how you can blame that on anyone but him. He subbed and did a good lob simple as that. Dont try to put more into to it than there is.

    • LG

      Why wasn’t Greg Little benched Rick? He dropped more balls than anyone else on the team.

  7. RICK

    LG I’m afraid Denny got you on that one, he is spot on with his comments. Finally some intellegent observasions about the way it really is.

    • LG

      Rick those are just guesses on Denny’s part.Don’t be fooled….

    • Bob


      Denny does not check facts. Spot on? Intelligent? lol. Denny writes a lot of made up stats and non-factual statements inserted in between a few facts and several insults to those who think different then himself. Denny needs to use words like, “I think”, “In my opinion,” etc… when he comments and not act like he is definitely in the know or has his facts straight.

  8. LazyDawg

    LG I for one happen to agree with you on this one. Some say that Hardesty was not used because of the fumbles in the preseason. Well if that is the rule for not using a player, I guess Mr. Little would be sitting on the bench also since he seems to drop so many passes instead of catching them. If you looked at the ratio of fumbles per carry by Hardesty to dropped passes per throw to Little, well Little should be cut from the team. Also I liked how Hardesty ran straight for the holes in the line. He didn’t hessitate or juke like TRich does every play, if he needs to or not. Don’t get me wrong, I love TRich but come on man, cut down on all the juking. Your letting all d-line men catch up with you.

    • ABrown

      Wasn’t there another player who had a lot of trouble with fumbles in preseason. Who was that guy? It’s slipped my mind.

      • LG

        It could have been Brandon Weeden….

      • Bob

        Here’s what I think. Little & Weeden get chances that know others get because these guys came in under Shurmur. If Shurmur pulls, them perhaps Shurmur believes people will judge him for his bad picks. Weeden never had to work for his spot. It was given. Just like Little.

        • Bob

          Oops. meant “no” not “know” as in “no others.. “

  9. RICK

    The only reason Little wasn”t benched is because the Browns are thin at experienced wide receivers and they are not thin at running backs.Turnovers and drops are not the same thing so it’s not a fair comparason.It looks like some of the rookies are stepping it up anyways and the receiving is getting better as the season goes on.

    • LG

      Even Little looked better yesterday

  10. Jeremy

    Also, it is easy to forget that Hardesty can’t catch the ball out of the back field. Remember last year when he was a drive killer when McCoy had something going? I have the Houston game burned into my memory for some reason. Drop, drop, drop in open space on 3rd and 5 or something. That probably has something to do with it as well.. Obby can catch most everything as well as Trich, and he can run pretty well too, but using him as the 3rd down back works out pretty well… I think Hardesty has the speed and talent to be a straight runner, but before last week, straight runners didnt fit the offensive game plan…

    • LG

      Jeremy, many people don’t know this but Montario was injured last season more than people know. I had him on my show…Yesterday Hardesty did have one reception out of the backfield for 9 yards….He is a good player…

  11. ABrown

    Obie brings more to the table with his receiving and blocking, so I’d like to see a way of using him more instead of the fullback — maybe Obie as a hybrid RB/FB to get TR and Obie on the field at the same time.

    LG, I agree it’s often a good idea to trade out running backs during a game, especially when you have backs with different running styles. It’s also good to give backs a break during a game to keep their energy level up.

    However, I wouldn’t go so far as to call Shurmur an idiot for not using Hardesty much this year. There are so many other, better reasons to call him an idiot.

    For example, all of us have mentioned how we’ve wanted more running plays. And last week we were finally doing more with blocking schemes using a pulling tackle instead of a pulling guard. That was working well against the Giants, but we gave up on the run in the second half.

    This week, I wasn’t paying as much attention to the blocking, but I didn’t see the same kind of pulling blocker plays as I saw against the Giants. Not developing good blocking schemes earlier in the season and not calling enough run plays for the run to be a real weapon seems like a coaching lapse.

    But the really good thing about the running game this week is that the coaches stayed with it. If you have a punishing runner, you can really soften up the defense that way by the time you get to the middle of the third quarter.

    So it’s good that Hardesty showed us how well he can play when called on and it’s too bad that Shurmur has so many limitations.


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