Is it fair to have a women fighting in MMA that really wasn't a women at birth? This is the case with Fallon Fox, she is a Transgender. Fox went on to say; "I'm technically, legally, physically and mentally female. Is this the truth? Can we truly see her as a women knowing she was born as a man? The MMA has to step in and do something before letting her fight again. You cannot think about it, they just have to act. It is not the same for a person who was born of a different sex to fight as a women. There is a huge difference andfor the other combatant, they have to be at a disadvantage.

Fox underwent gender reassignment surgery (along with the supplemental hormonal therapy) six years ago. If you listen to the way Fox tells the story about being a man, she or he must have had it pretty tough growing up. She said her father thought she was just a homosexual man and even tried to get her or him to change his way or her ways depending on who you think is really telling the story. I guess it is her now, but him when it took place. Gee I don't know. I am getting confused, either way I don't think it is right to have a person who was born as a man fighting women in the cage...

Tell us what you think. Leave your comments below. Should Fallon Fox be allowed to continue as a women MMA fighter?

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