Was Mike Pettine the Browns best choice to become the Cleveland Browns 15th head coach in the teams history? No, but the Browns had little choice. Pettine told the team, you either hire me as the team’s head coach, or I withdraw my name from consideration.

Pettine said the process the Browns we forcing him to grow through was getting to him. Besides that he didn’t think it was fair to keep the Buffalo Bills in limbo for as long as the Browns were planning on dragging out their head coaching search.

The Browns wanted to wait until the Super Bowl was over so they could interview Seahawks defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn. Haslam and the others in the coaching search realized there was a chance Quinn could reject an offer the coach the Browns.

They knew others have rejected the position and if Pettine withdrew his name, and they waited until after the Super Bowl and got rejected by Quinn, they could have ended up with no one to coach the Cleveland Browns.

Pettine showed some intestinal fortitude to the Cleveland Browns. He could be the kind of coach the Browns needed. He motivated the teams front office to pull the trigger and hire him and fans are hoping he is the kind of coach that can take the players to the next level.

Pettine looks like the kind of guy who won’t be happy with losing. Lets hope he continues to force people’s hands and he can turn things around for the Cleveland Browns.


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  1. JIM V

    If he has those type of Balls to management and they let him run the team. Next season should be a lot of good things to talk about! That is if Haslem opens his wallet and he is a good judge of potential talent and pick-up some good free agents!

  2. Leon II

    You have to give the man credit for having cajones and you can see how he earned the nickname “Blunt Force Trauma”. To look at the front office and say I want the job, I’ll take the job, and I’m confidant I can do the job but I’m not going to let you yank me or the team I’m currently with around any longer is the kind of gutsy determined hard nosed man we need for the job. Let’s hope he can translate that fierce confidence to wins on the field.

    • LG

      Yes we do have to give them some credit…

  3. Bobby D

    Ummm not sure that is how things played out. First they could have interviewed Quinn upto Sunday. They didn’t. This guy is going to be either great or gone in 2 years. If he sucks, well Lombardi is gone next year. And mike is gone the following year.

    Personally I think he is going to suck. But I was wrong about Chud. So here is to hoping I am wrong.

    • LG

      You thought Chud was going to be good Bobby? The question I have is when will they get rid of Brandon Weeden?

      • JIM V

        That’s what I want to know. Why is Weedon still a Brown?

        • LG

          Everyone wants to know the answer to this question Jim….

      • Bobby D

        I thought Chud was going to be good. Even through the first few games when he was making trick plays and going for it on 4th down. The problem was he could not manage the team, or hold people accountable. You know why the team liked him? Because he never held them accountable for their screw ups.

        • LG

          I tell you Bobby, we need a guy that will motivate the players and kick some butt when they aren’t….Maybe this Pettine will do that.

  4. Saltdaddy

    Nobody can release anyone until after the Super Bowl.

  5. Jim Kirk

    ” I didn’t vote for him but he’s my president, and I hope he does a good job.”

    John Wayne – On John F. Kennedy’s election


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