Josh Cribbs needs a new contractIf the Browns new General Manager Michael Lombardi wants to show he is a changed man, he should take action and resign Josh Cribbs to a new contract that would see the receiver /kick return man end his career in a Cleveland Browns uniform. Cribbs still brings value to the Browns and could add to the teams receiving crew given the chance he was denied last season. In 20111 Cribbs has a decent year catching the football. In the 2013 pro bowl, Cribbs showed he could still catch the football lining up as a receiver.

Not only does Cribbs bring in another offensive tool to the Browns, his special teams play is special. Sure Cribbs may have lost a step, sure there are some guys that are a bit faster on the team now. I’m not just talking about retruns on special teams. Look how many times Cribbs is down the field on special teams making tackles. How many yards do you think a guy like Cribbs saved the Browns with his ability to find the guy with the football and make the tackle.

Yes, Mike Lombardi Cribbs still brings a certain ammount of value to the Cleveland Browns and yes you should get your blank contracts out of the file cabinet and start to fill one out with the name of Josh Cribbs on it. Lets get this done before he walks away just like Lawrence Vickers did 3 years ago. Don’t let the Browns lose a player that still can help the team compete.

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  1. NINO


    • LG

      that makes two of us…..

  2. Wane

    LG, i like Cribbs and still think he has gas in the tank. but are you forgitting about all the concussions he has already had? one more could end his playing days.

    • LG

      The same holds true with Mo Mass

  3. Kildawg

    Lombardi could make a bigger mistake this off-season than not re-signing Cribbs: not re-signing Phil Dawson. another is blowing the #6 pick on yet another QB when there are no legit options in the draft that high, especially when the 2nd rounder (#39 overall) has been used. If Lombardi lets Phil Dawson walk, the fans will be out for his head more than ever.

  4. typical

    The Browns have had some solid progress, to lose Cribbs and Dawson due to Lombardi, would be tough to swallow.

  5. CalBM1

    They wont sign Cribbs .They dont want players with the fire Cribbs and McCoy have.Weeden is a puss and lacks the fire. When healthy Cribbs and McCoy would light um up.I just cant like the banner lombardi combo.Haslem has let the Browns down

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi CALBM1 … damn !!! … can’t you at least wait until they get through this next season before you say haslam has let the browns down ??
      or even free-agency & the draft ??

      look at it this way … they put together an excellent coaching staff with chud, turner & horton … that alone will help the browns improve immensely.

      • LG

        Turner & Horton Chud yet to be proven…..

        • tigersbrowns2

          hi LG … chud may have to prove himself , but turner & horton have more than proved themselves. they just need to do it in cleveland now.

          • LG

            My reply to your original comment says exactly that in Short Hand TB2. I was rushed and just typed their names. Chud is the one who has to prove himslef. Not Norv or Horton

  6. Bill Maltby

    I just want the Browns to do something the old leaders didn’t do. Use common sense and do the right thing. We need Cribbs and McCoy, we do not need Weeden. And the stupidest thing I have heard all off season in about Phil Dawson. Why in the name of Lou Groza would you let him go because of a few dollars, yet pay bench players for setting on their asses. To me that would be like drafting Gerard Warren again. Nothing but a big waste of money.

    • Bob

      Good post Bill. Just read this week that McCoy will be making more $$$ then Weeden this year compared to last year. I was unaware of that until this week. With that being said, I bet management would want him to start. If McCoy does not start I think he’ll get traded to start since the draft class is week with QBs. Let’s hope the Browns give him the starting position back. If it’s a real competition with Weeden, McCoy will win that especially since being a mobile QB is what the other NFL teams are embracing right now.

  7. Leon II

    I would like to see both Dawson and Cribbs back but I’m a bit more realistic then just being a fanatic of both. In the modern NFL of cap floors and ceilings players get graded each year into one of four categories: must keep if at all possible, would like to keep, ok to keep, and cut them. In the end it is all about a delicate balance of talent vs. cost. Loyalty is a factor but it isn’t just about the team showing loyalty to the player but the player showing loyalty to team with their willingness to not over charge. The team has to keep an eye on the cap at all times and the salary of one player can destroy the chance to build a winning team to go with them.

    Dawson is a “would like to keep” player. He is a great kicker for Cleveland who we would like to keep if his loyalty to the team doesn’t result in his asking for too much of a raise to do so. Kickers may win games but they don’t win seasons. I’m sorry but you don’t overpay kickers when new, more cost effective is out there. Cribbs falls into the “ok to keep” category. We can’t and won’t keep him if he wants a pay raise to stay. He can still contribute but his contributions aren’t worth an increase and probably warrant a pay cut instead. If he wants to stay it will be at a dollar amount that equals his value.

    Look I want both to be Browns in 2013 but when we talk about loyalty we forget it is a two way street. Each year we see players get overpaid to stay or leave teams they were helping to be overpaid somewhere else. Seldom do those overpaid players lead that team to the playoffs typically because there just isn’t enough money to build a talented roster around them. Each year we also see great players agree to reasonable salaries or even take pay cuts to help their team stay within the cap and stay competitive by spending money on other talent. That is loyalty. Each year we see teams find ways to show their players that they value them that doesn’t factor into salary caps – like better facilities, equipment, support staff, even with energy drinks, etc. That is loyalty too.

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi LEON … good post.

      didn’t cribbs hold-out on his last contract ? … now, maybe the browns low-balled him , but I’m pretty sure he held-out for the big bucks. i wonder what his numbers were previous to signing the big contract & what his numbers were like AFTER he signed it … I’ll just bet ABROWN could help with that.

      it’s a two-way street , both management & cribbs have to bend.

      dawson is definitely worth keeping … in fact , he deserves a raise for his pro-bowl season. if dawson can finish his career with the browns, he will surely pass lou groza as the browns all-time leading scorer.

    • Anonymous

      cribb can do almost anything – 5 yeasrs helped browns win at least 4-6 games. Defeense great special team – end-back-wide receiver – A big treat almost any position, Big mistake don’t keep him & dawson


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