Today the Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to hold a press conference to announce the hiring of Mike Brown as the team’s new head coach. Dan Gilbert and Mike Brown, had dinner Sunday night somewhere in Cleveland. I would imagine, Gilbert had to eat a little crow to bring Brown back to the Cavaliers.

It wasn’t that long ago the team fired Brown and many think he was fired because of his relationship with LeBron James. Brown won games while he was the head coach with the Cleveland Cavaliers. For some reason these super star NBA players can’t get along with him.

Brown was fired by the Lakers this past season after five games. You could see the tension between Lakers super star Kobe Bryant and Brown in L.A.. Perhaps it is Brown’s style of coaching that gets under the super stars skin. The Lakers didn’t improve after they released Brown. The team continued to struggle throughout the 2012-2013 season.

Brown took the Cavaliers to a place they haven’t seen over the past 3 years, he took them to the NBA play-offs and the last time I check that was the desired affect when you have a professional sports franchise. Brown returns to a team that has plenty of young talent.

He could come into Cleveland and get these guys to play solid defense for the entire 48 minutes and have the Cleveland Cavaliers back into the playoffs in now time. The talent is there, the motivation wasn’t there under Byron Scott.

Mike Brown had a record of 272 – 138 when he was the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The team finished 2nd in the central 3 times under Brown’s watch and two times they finished 1st in the central. He had a record of 42 – 29 in the play-offs.

The guy knows how to win in the NBA.

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous

    play-offs? Play-offs? You talkin’ about Play-offs?

    • LG


  2. B-rad

    Another very poor written article by LG…..Facts baby…. FACTS!

    • LG

      How many more facts do you need B-rad? Brown is returning to the Cavaliers…..He won more games than Scott….Hopefully he can come back and get the team to win again….

      • B-rad

        Do you not remember the past LG???..Won more games, yes….However, LeBron was here….He is not now.. And let’s take a look at what happened to him in LA..You can be rest assured that LeBron will not be coming back to Cleveland now….Unless, he wins it all again this year….

        • LG

          LeBron probably will when it all again this year. And I don’t think Brown had anything to do with LeBron leaving Cleveland. He left to go to south beach and Browns was fired before the decision was made. And if James wants to come back and Gilbert wold take him Back Brown and James are both big enough boys to play nice….


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