McCoy could start for the Browns in 2013Michael Lombardi the Browns new General Manager couldn’t believe the Browns would stick with Brandon Weeden, even though the team had a better chance to win with Colt McCoy. The interesting thing will be to see what happens in the 2013 season. McCoy who is still with the Browns could have a chance to start over Brandon Weeden. Lombardi thought McCoy had a much higher football I.Q. than Weeden and he felt McCoy could win when Weeden was losing.

I think Michael Lombardi and the rest of the Browns staff are willing to see what Colt McCoy can do. They didn’t like the things Weeden was doing last season and they haven’t seen what McCoy can do with some good coaching. Many remember the great days McCoy had in College and they think he got screwed by Holmgren and Shurmur. Even Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has a great deal of respect for Colt McCoy. Haslam is a big fan of college football and remembers the great things McCoy did in Texas.

For people to think that Colt is not going to get a fair chance this summer to regain his spot as the Browns starting quarterback they are sadly mistaken. Colt McCoy is going to be given every chance he can get to be the Browns starting Q.B. in the 2013 season. Lombardi already thought McCoy could win with the Browns over Brandon Weeden.

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  1. ABrown

    Lombardi thought McCoy gave the Browns a better chance to win than Weeden, and so did the other Browns players.

    No one in the new management is going to risk their time, money, and reputation on a QB who won’t even learn the playbook and has no football IQ.

    And anyone who thinks McCoy can’t complete long passes and stretch the field didn’t pay attention to the games. They just trusted Pat Shurmur. . .

    Like Mr. Haslam said after he watched Weeden play the first time, “We need a quarterback.”

    Banner said, when he came to Cleveland, he wasn’t convinced Weeden was the guy and he gave Weeden the last half of the season to show him something, and Weeden played worse.

    Chud and Turner say they need to evaluate all the players and it would be “premature” to talk about Weeden as the starter.

    There may never again be a good time in Clelveland to talk about Weeden as the starter.

  2. RICK

    LG, Time will tell, I hope you’re not stressing or losing sleep over this quarterback situation. I am enjoying your McCoy campain though. Keep up the good work and maybe you will get your wish. It doesn’t matter who plays quarterback if the Browns win. The new staff will decide that and we see how it goes down. It should be interesting.

    • LG

      No not losing any sleep Rick. Thanks for your concern.

  3. DH

    You guys are delusional. I have no problem having a fair competition for starting quarterback next year because Brandon will win it, hands down. The streets are littered with players that were great in college, and just couldn’t make it in the NFL. Colt will make an excellant ‘backup’ quarterback in the NFL. He will never be more than that, and a large part of it is that does not and will not ever have the required arm strength. You can teach football IQ (although I think Brandon is just as smart and tough as Colt). You can’t teach arm strength.

    • LG

      You really think so? I wonder how hard Weeden is working to improve himself this off season?

    • ABrown

      You can improve arm strength, but you can’t improve football IQ and we see evidence of that on a daily basis.

      I think that Weeden supporters are so taken with their guy that they could watch his bone head plays and swoon about his potential, yet watch a film of McCoy throwing a perfect pass over 50 yards in the air on the run. in play action, with no chance to set his feet, wind up, or follow through — you guys could watch that and still claim McCoy doesn’t have the arm strength to throw a ball 10 yards down the field.

      Some people are hopeless.

      • RICK

        Yes you can improve arm strength and you can improve football IQ.

        • ABrown

          Rick, I’ve written about several examples here of QBs who improved their arm strength. Can you give us some examples of bonehead, mistake-prone QBs who find ways of doing the wrong thing under pressure and shrink from the challenges of the game that have gotten better?

          I can think of a local example — Derek Anderson — he was coached up for one year and then reverted to form and got his coaches fired.

          Can you describe a long term bonehead fix? Like LG said, you can’t teach courage and grit.

  4. ricktenny

    LG. That is the best storyline to come out of Berea in two years. It’s amazeing what happens when people with common sense run a business. It sounds like the Coaches, Owner and Front Office are all on the same page.
    I wondered what was going to come of Joe Banner putting “everyone” on notice regarding thier job auditions in the seasons second half. This sounds like good news for the Browns. Now I hope they will plug holes that need plugging and leave the QB position to sort itself out between what the team already has on the roster.
    We need to fill some spots on defense and a guard that can lead a run into the open is absolutely necessary for the offenses run game.
    I read a short comment in one of the articles about the new coaches comeing on board, about a new conditioning coach. I have thought since the 2010 season, when all three QB’s went down with the identicle injury that something in addition to a right tackle was needed.
    Oh well. Great news.

    • LG

      We really need a Corner back and a couple of line backers,the defense still had problems stopping the run and with the only good corner being haden we know what happens if he misses time.

      • mike

        maybe turner will do mccoy afavor the way he done brees.bree had a shoulder injury and no arm strength either but he didn’t curl and play dead under pressure.

  5. ricktenny

    Great news for the team. It sounds as though saner minds are now holding the tiller in Berea.

    • ABrown

      It definitely does. And we do need a little more help at guard and on defense. We have a good quarterback and maybe now people with the sense to see it.

  6. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … i am exhausted going back & forth on weeden & mccoy.

    i know this … if mccoy is NOT the starter next year , at least it will end the mccoy-lovers theory about him not getting a fair shake. if mccoy is not traded , he will be given every opportunity to win the starting job … and that’s all you guys want … right ?

    with chud , turner & horton added … this is an EXCELLENT coaching staff now. the browns should be vastly improved on both sides of the ball next year.

    • LG

      Maybe it will be Weeden that is gone before the season ever gets here TB2. It seems to me like the deck is stacked against him already. Besides he sucked last season.

      • tigersbrowns2

        we shall see … i don’t believe the deck is stacked against him … why do you think it is , because of lombardi’s comment ??

        chud , turner & lombardi are probably reviewing everything right now. i don’t think any decision has been made yet. they haven’t seen what weeden can do with some good coaching yet either.

        i think you may be counting-out weeden prematurely …

        • LG

          We will see, you can’t teach courage

      • Jeremy

        And McCoy sucked the season before last, and in his only true passing action this year, threw a hot grounder out their to remind us why football IQ is only the beginning of the puzzle… I like McCoy, and hope that the competition is broad and fair, between anyone that we have on the roster for the QB position.. I just think it’s funny when fans, whether experienced or not, throw their opinions out there like it’s gospel.
        In my opinion, McCoy was on some great teams @ TExas, and Weeden had a great coaching staff his final year at Ok State… They both have proven nothing in the NFL…

        • LG

          McCoy didn’t have the talent on the team weeden had either. So I’ll bet if he did the guy would have played much better

          • RICK

            LG, I love your speculation. More of your “would of” “should of” “could of” I don’t think it matters who are quarterback is if we win. Looks like it’s gonna be a fair competition and we will see when it happens.

        • ABrown

          Jeremy, McCoy’s first year in Cleveland, he beat New England and New Orleans and nearly beat the Jetts when they were a playoff team before he played the rest of the season on a sprained ankle, starting 8 games total.

          He completed 60% of his passes, gained 7.1 yards per attempt and 11.7 yards per completion — MUCH better than Weeden — and turned in one of the 10 best quarterback performances out of 512 for 2010.

          The team with McCoy averaged as many points as the much improved 2012 Browns team, and McCoy completed far more long passes than Weeden did in his rookie season.

          McCoy’s QBR was a respectable 45 (the same as Andy Dalton and better than Joe Flacco in their rookie seasons) while Weeden was last in the league with a QBR of 26 — behind Gabbert, Cassel, and Quinn.

          Weeden was a disaster in the red zone and on third downs, leading the Browns to rank 30th in the league in 3rd down conversions, while McCoy led his teams to rank 10th and 12th in the NFL.

          McCoy’s rookie season was much better than Weeden’s.

          • ABrown

            Jeremy, you also criticized McCoy’s play in the 4th quarter of the Denver game, saying “in his only true passing action this year, threw a hot grounder out their to remind us why football IQ is only the beginning of the puzzle…”

            Since you missed so much of McCoy’s time in relief, I’ll fill in the gaps. All you saw were the 4 passes McCoy threw away to avoid sacks from the non-stop Denver blitzes and avoid intentional grounding penalties. That’s called heads up play.

            You missed the 80 yard touchdown drive — the only TD by the Browns all day. You apparently missed the only 2 long passes thrown by a Browns QB in the entire game — two perfect passes to Benjamin in tight coverage on the right sidelines where McCoy allegedly can’t throw. You missed McCoy’s 15 yard run — the longest by a Brown all game. More heads up play and lots of football IQ.

            One other thing you missed was McCoy helping us get a crucial pass interference call. He saw the interference on Watson at the same time the announcers saw it and threw a safe pass toward Watson to get the ref’s attention and draw the flag for a big gain. More quick thinking and football IQ.

            Being a good QB begins and ends with football IQ. That’s what it takes to play well.

            Again, McCoy out played Weeden — or as Turner put it, McCoy was more productive than Weeden. McCoy even beats Weeden in fantasy points and rank — 22nd for McCoy and 26th for Weeden — 192 points for McCoy and 166 for Weeden in 2 more games.

            What can we say about Weeden? He has a strong arm but problems with accuracy, reading defenses, dealing with pressure, and decision making. I heard a comment today that fits: Weeden could throw a ball through a barn door, if he could hit the barn door.

  7. Stiv Marley

    Correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t Colt McCoy get injured in his last college game, a shoulder I beleive. He had a poor season his first year, a shoulder problem I beleive. He cannot throw a sideline out pattern, the ball is usually under thrown, shoulder problem I beleive. Chud wants to open up the offense, very few dinks and dunks. You folks really beleive Colt can be the starter when since the shoulder injury I beleive he’s not able to put the velocity on the ball that is needed in the NFL. As for Weeden, did he run the infamous Pat Shurmur offense at Oklahoma State? I beleive not! Turner a real OC will get the best out of Weeden and put him in an offense that works for him. You’ra all right, only time will tell.
    Just saying . . . . .

    • ABrown

      Stiv Marley, look at the two posts above which correct your misconceptions about McCoy’s rookie season and about whether or not he can throw sideline passes.

      What Weeden ran at Oklahoma State was the simplest version of the spread offense in all of college football and called by pro scouts a “simple half-field offense”. Weeden didn’t spread the field vertically at OSU, and he ran a simple offense. Shurmur simplified the offense here in Cleveland, too, so Weeden could run it.

      Based upon Weeden’s need for simple offenses, he’s likely to struggle with the pro-passing game that Turner will want to put in.

      It requires precise timing of drop backs and receiver routes, pinpoint passing, complete view of the whole field, instantaneous recognition of defenses and coverage patterns, and the ability to move in the pocket to use sight lanes effectively. No holding the ball forever before deciding to throw to the only receiver he ever looked at, tipping off the defense and getting his passes batted down.

      If he’s here when preseason begins, Weeden’s going to have to start learning something he’s avoided so far — how to play QB in the NFL.

      McCoy has average arm strength — just like Brady, the Mannings, Drew Brees and most of the other successful QBs in the league. He can make the throws, read the defenses, and learn the offense, and be very productive, as Norv Turner said.

  8. RB

    Weeden did not play as well as I hoped, but there is not a whole lot of difference, number wise, between Weeden’s rookie season and McCoy’s second season in the NFL. All I know is the Browns scored over 6 more points per game with Weeden than with McCoy. As painful as it was to watch Weeden, go look at the game film of McCoy from the previous year. You’re spending too much time chasing stats and not actually digesting the film itself. It was even more painful than watching Weeden. Lombardi’s opinion on Weeden as a means to fortify your opinion of Weeden is surprising, considering he graded the Brown’s draft as a C, if I remember correctly. He also stated we wasted a pick in the supplemental draft. Well anyway, cheers and have a good one.

    • ABrown

      Not true that the Browns scored 6 fewer points with McCoy than with Weeden, RB. The average points per game for each QB in his rookie season were exactly the same — 19 points for McCoy and 19 points for Weeden.

      The 2011 Browns team was a disaster with a collapsing offensive line, injured receivers who really did lead the league in dropped passes, injured RBs who couldn’t run for 50 yards per game, and incredibly bad coaching — not much speed and very few play makers.

      It’s amazing how much difference it makes to be protected by “one of the best pass blocking lines in the NFL”, to throw to big, fast, and talented receivers, and have 2 excellent running backs that defenses say they hate to have to tackle. That was the 2012 team. Of course it was more dynamic — lots more speed and play makers.

      The 2012 team was better than the 2011 team overall, despite the QB play, not because of it.

      • RICK

        ABrown, I love the stats that you throw out there but once again the stats that McCoy put up in the Denver game did’t win the game. Once again your using the stats to make excuses. The best stats doesn’t win the games there is a lot more involved into than that. Stats can’t reflect accurately the mental part of the game or the luck part of the game etc. I do enjoy all your research though. Your a go getter when it comes to trying to prove someone wrong with your stats or to prove yourself right. Keep up the research for us though to keep us enlightened. LOL

        • ABrown

          Rick, McCoy accomplished more in one quarter in Denver than Weeden did in the whole game.

          If Weeden could play a little more like McCoy, the game would have at least been competitive instead of just embarrassing.

      • tigersbrowns2

        once again , the bottom line is mccoy was 6-15 as the starter. you take those fine wins against new england & new orleans away & that makes him
        4-15 against mostly equal or lesser competition.

        football IQ does not necessarliy win games or make you a good qb. as i recall , terry bradshaw took alot of flack for not being the brightest crayon in the box … how many superbowl rings does he have ?

        • ABrown

          TB2, do you really think Terry Bradshaw lacks football IQ, the mental skills and toughness to be a great QB?

          Then I guess Chuck Noll was really dumb, too, to turn over the play calling duties to him right away and have that work out really well.

  9. DH

    Now here’s someone who sees things the way they are, not the way they wish it would be:

    Cleveland Browns Making a Huge Mistake With Brandon Weeden
    13 hours ago by Damon Salvadore

    Read article at:

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi DH … i read it & it is an ineteresting article. the very reason you can’t call weeden a bust after only one season.

  10. JoeC

    Did you guys watch those floater deep balls that McCoy threw this season? How about those light passes down the middle? He has no arm strength, which I’m sure you don’t care about. Or what about his winner mentalitiy to throw in the dirt? You are such a moron.

    McCoy is going nowhwere in the NFL. He does not have the ability to be an NFL leading QB.

  11. ABrown

    If McCoy’s so bad then you Weeden supporters shouldn’t be so afraid of an honest QB competition.

    And you should try to find SOMETHING that Weeden does well, instead arguing that it’s OK if Weeden is stupid and that football IQ isn’t important because Weeden doesn’t have any. That’s not the best way to defend him.


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