Colt McCoyColt McCoy comes into camp and he finds himself in a competition to gain his role as the Cleveland Browns Starting Quarterback. It is actually humorous to read all the press coming out about the lack of confidence McCoy has in this camp this year. People need to realize, Colt McCoy has been competing for the role of starting quarterback all his life. Teams just don’t give these guys the role of starter because they are good guys, they get the role because they con compete at a high level.

Being a NFL starting quarterback is a tough role, if the team does well people love you, have a losing season and you become the guy who they blame. The Cleveland Browns had a tough season in 2011, anyone who thinks this is entirely Colt McCoy’s fault is clearly a moron who doesn’t have a clue when it comes to football. Sure McCoy had a tough season, lets look at all of the contributing factors that took place last year.

The NFL had a lock out. That meant no teams could communicate with their players, no-one could get any work in at the teams training facilities and coaches couldn’t even talk to the players regarding NFL business. The Cleveland Browns hired a new head coach, put in a new offense, completely changed the defense and when the season started they had two weeks to get ready.

That being said, how can anyone expect the Browns to compete with teams that have had the same coaches and many of the same players for the past few years. The Browns won 4 games last season, the team should have won more than that. The Browns lost two games with mistakes made by the teams long snapper. They lost another game due to the fact the Head Coach couldn’t manage the clock and let time run out in Baltimore and the team lost one against the Bengals when the defense was caught sleeping.

How could all of those problems be put on Colt McCoy. This guy won an UN-unprecedented amount of games in College. Do you think he was just given the starting role in Texas? No way, McCoy had to prove himself. For the Cleveland Browns just to come into camp this season and take away the role of starter from McCoy is utter Bull.

Look at the three games Seneca Wallace started last season, how many did he win? Now you have a Seneca Wallace who thinks he should be a mentor to Brandon Weeden, What qualifies Wallace for that job? Wallace has been a back-up quarter-back for most of his career in the NFL. He had the chance to come in for an injured Colt McCoy last season and couldn’t get the Browns one win in the three games he played.

We all know the NFL stands for Not For Long, if the Cleveland Browns just cast aside Colt McCoy after the season he had last year, than the Browns clearly have problems in judging talent. The front office of the team would have to have their heads examined and they all know that already. This is the reason Mike Holmgren, Pat Shurmur and Tom Heckert all knew they would give Colt McCoy a shot at winning the starting role in Cleveland.

For those of you who think McCoy is not feeling confident coming into this camp, I suggest you rethink your position. McCoy didn’t make it to the NFL because he lacked confidence. Sure Weeden is bigger, he may have a stronger arm too. Can Brandon Weeden take a hit by a 345 lbs NFL defensive line man and get back up off the ground to throw another pass with his past shoulder issues? That is still up in the air. Weeden could be one injury away from ending his career. The Browns shouldn’t be so quick to discard Colt McCoy yet….

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  1. Anonymous

    this guy knows football!! love your point of view….

  2. Dusty

    I completely agree.

  3. Anonymous

    your all just Texas fans then

  4. Cowboys

    it looks like you are all longhorns fans then


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