The Cleveland Browns beat the Detroit Lions to move to 2-0 on the preseason. Brandon Weeden is not the same mistake making guy we saw in 2012. He could be improving because the team has some coaches that understand offense.

Weeden went 8 for 12 and threw for 2 touchdowns. Yes, he has been able to find the end zone with his passes when the team is in the red zone, that is something that was missing from his game in 2012. With the improvements we are starting to see in his game, you could say he had bad coaches last season.

Weeden still made a couple of mistakes in the game, but those mistakes were nothing compared to the mistakes we saw last season. He missed a wide open back with a sideways pass that most NFL quarterbacks would have completed.

He still shows signs of panic when he is faced with pressure and in real game time situations he is going to have to overcome the panic. Did Weeden show enough to be named the team’s starting quarterback?

Only time will tell. Jason Campbell showed he is able to play as well. Campbell went 12 for 14 in the game and he had an impressive drive that lead to a touchdown. Campbell brings something to the game that Weeden doesn’t.

Campbell is able to run with the football when he is faced with trouble. There are 2 more preseason games left. If Weeden can continue to improve and he doesn’t start making mistakes, he could very well be named the team’s starting quarterback.

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  1. dan dyer

    Really thought you were going to man up and admit you were wrong….but you always have to throw in a jab or two about Weeden. “He missed a wide open back with a sideways pass that most NFL quarterbacks would have completed,” c’mon LG just admit you were wrong for once and stop the hate! The dude has been tearing it up mistake free this preseason, and although it is the preseason he has been impressive. And yes Campbell played well, he will be a major upgrade from the back-up we had last year. But what he is doing is against 2nd and 3rd string defenses, albeit with 2nd stringers himself. Weeden is doing it against the starters. All you Weeden haters can start eating your crow now!

    • LG

      Dan, I have said it throughout. I would admit if I was wrong and I don’t hate anyone. Weeden still looks like he is afraid when he is under pressure. Other QB’s would have made that throw. There is still work to be done and he played against a team that sucked…..

      • Jeff

        Well their defense doesnt suck. You name me one team that has a better d line then the lions? Maybe the dolphins……seahawks have a good one to and so do the bucks but noone has suh, fairley and ziggy on their line except the lions.

        • LG

          Man the way suh, was able to run down and hit T-Rich was un believable That guy has incredible closing speed….WOW.

  2. TopF

    WOW, LG. How did that tast? (that Crow)but its still early days.

    • LG

      Not bad at all. I have always said if I was wrong I would admit it…..There is still room for improvement…..

  3. Len Green

    Players in their first year in the pros with a bad coach is a NO-NO!!!!!!!
    Weeden can really play pro football. If he was drafted by the Steelers or the Ravens, he would have played in the Super Bowl! Why? Great coaches and protection!

  4. jackrabbit21

    It’s preseason. Does not mean much except to those who are trying to make the team. After the injuries last night to the Browns, it is an example of why not to have preseason games in the NFL. My question is should there be a preseason games at all in the NFL? This hase been debated. I think not. If so, 2 preseason games at the most.

    As far as Weeden, better in the red zone yes, but I’m not that impressed yet because it is PRESEASON.

    Wish Weeden & Campbell the best of luck, but in my opinion, Campbell is the better of the two mainly because he does not come off scared, can run and he’s a smarter player.

    IMO the makings of a good QB, is a QB who wins those clutch games under pressure against good teams. I have not seen that from Weeden, so I think the jury is still out. Weeden has not even won a “down to the wire” game against a bad team. No heroics yet. I understand he’s still in development and has a new coach, but for him and the Browns the jury is still out and Campbell is in his rear view mirror licking his chops.

    • LG

      They have been having preseason in the NFL for ever. Some of the injuries you see happening these days are compliments of the new CBA. Players are not in as good of condition as the old days when they were allowed to hit during practice and had two a days too. Now players can only practice a couple of hours a day and then they need a day off after so many days…Thanks to the CBA….

      • jackrabbit21

        good point taken

    • Jeff

      I think there should only be 3 preseason games at the most instead of 4

  5. muttklingon


    • LG

      I am hoping you are right lets win some games this season…… Gooooooo Browns

  6. Jrustyo

    LG…I would like you to point out a QB that has had a more impressive 2 games against a starting defense than Weeden this preseason. I completely disagree with you that he showed panic. When he was in trouble he avoided the sack, didn’t throw a pick and wisely tossed the ball out of bounds to keep them in field goal position.
    He did the opposite of panic and played smart. He also the fastball when he had to (2 TDs) and dropped in perfect passes over and between defenders.

    Of course he wasn’t perfect and football is not a game of perfection but if you can be critical of Weeden’s first two games I give up on ever expecting anything but biased criticism from you.

    And to imply he either hasn’t or shouldn’t be the starting QB on opening day puts you in line with an organization that should be on the Weeden bus based strictly on his performance.

    • LG

      Hey I said he is improving. Lets see how he does when they play him a little longer…


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