When the Browns brass hired Michael Lombardi as the team’s G.M. many including myself were thinking, “Oh No here we go again.” We were quick to second guess the new ownerships decision in bringing in a guy who doesn’t have the best track record in the NFL.

This was the guy who benched Kosar, this was the guy who picked one of the biggest busts in the history of the NFL, paid him a ton of money and watched him do nothing good for the Raiders. Why on God’s green earth would the Browns bring Michael Lombardi back to Cleveland?

The team had to hid him from the media and they would do everything in their power to stop him from speaking when he was in front of the media. Joe Banner labeled Lombardi a lightning rod.

Maybe we were a little too quick in passing judgement in this guy, this time around. We had to be judging him on his past performances and we knew we didn’t like what we saw.

Again his past spoke volumes and as fans in Cleveland, we are trained to always expect the worse when it comes to our sports teams.

It is looking as though Lombardi is a new and improved version of the guy he used to be. He did know Weeden wasn’t the answer as the Browns starting QB and he did bring in Brain Hoyer and again us in the media were quick to jump to conclusions.

I for one want to apologize to Michael Lombardi. It is beginning to look obvious that your time in the broadcast both has taught you something about football. You knew Weeden could not get the job done in Cleveland and you went out and found what looks like an great alternative.

Once I saw Hoyer in the Chicago game, I quickly realized this kid was the best  option to lead the Cleveland Browns this season. Lombardi, congratulations on surprising us all with a good decision. We as fans hope you can continue to do so.

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Arthur

    Well done LG. Lombardi does certainly deserve credit here, and it is nice that you have sad so. We all make mistakes in life, and he has made his, but he may have got a very important one right with Hoyer, and kudos to him for sticking to his guns and trusting his own judgement.
    I also think he was key in negotiating the Trent Richardson trade, so he is on a roll if that was the case.
    All good stuff, on the way to making the Browns a force again.
    Nice piece LG.

  2. Sam

    Nice article LG. I really hope Hoyer plays well the rest of the season because it’s such a nice story and I really think this team can compete in the AFC North with at least decent QB play.

    Also, Lombardi/Banner have made themselves look pretty darn good thus far. Not only Hoyer, but Mingo is proving to be a beast with an enormously high ceiling. Desmond Bryant is having a Pro Bowl year and Kruger has been a solid signing as well. I am putting my trust in this front office for the near future.

    • LG

      Thank You


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