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I Don’t know about all you Browns Fans on hearing all these different reports who the Browns will draft. I am getting tired of hearing all these reports. Draft day is next Sat ,then it’s game on…I just want to know how these so called football experts think they know who we will take ? In the matter of needs and The Browns have many, I think I would like to see them draft  T Richardson as their pick at 4. RB is a bad need this team,  now that Peyton Hillis is gone.The rest of the Rb’s on this roster are just fair to midland, none of them put a scare into any defense. If I was Tom Heckert ,You would have to find ways to take the pressure off Colt, T. Rich can do this ,He can stretch defenses with his speed ,catching the ball downfield and running over people.This would open up defenses, They would be fools to draft a position that is not necessary @ QB ?? Ryan Tannehill ? How does this QB move up ? What, just because of one great workout ?  Looking at his film, I think Colt is a better quarterback. I don’t see how experts consider Tannehill in the top 10?? He is a raw talent that needs to be developed.He is Not A Pick at 4 ,C’mon Man !! I like Justin Blackmon too  He would be lights out as our wide receiver a true number 1 that Colt so desperately  needs. So if T Rich is the pick at 4, Then I look for the Browns to take a WR @ 22. Those are the first two position this front office need to fill first.Please stop trading high picks for extra picks. The Cleveland Browns need playmakers stop trading them away for 2nd or 3rd round picks or next years picks it’s like always building for the future but not getting better in the present. We Have 13 picks already, If six of those 13 picks come through then the Browns have a great draft ! Please don’t tell us we need Tannehill @ 4 that is just the national sports media trying to fill air time not knowing what The Cleveland Browns really need .Yes Draft Day is next Saturday , Get Your Quarterback The Offensive Weapons He Needs !! Tom Heckert and Mike Holmgren have said this was what they were going to do. Let’s see if it’s what they say they are really going to do .

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  1. tbrown

    It would be a trendous error on tehBrowns part to draft a QB this year. They need weapons on offense. Draft Richardson and then the best avalable WR and OT with the next two picks.

    If McCoy stil struggles with a top RB, a #1 receiver and improved protection, then play Seneca and go get your QB in the 2013 draft.


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