By Chris Mortimer

The hat Trent Richardson posted on twitter friday

Well all signs point to Trent Richardson at number four like it or not. I for one like it he is a great all around back.Trent was the best back in Alabama even when he wasn’t starting.Trent in Cleveland would be just awesome.

Richardson Visited Cleveland the other day after going to Tampa,needless to say he loved it in Cleveland. Richardson tweeted this after his visit to the land “love the brownie mascot bring back the elf ” .Then putting up a pic of his new hat(shown in pic) earlier today(Friday 4-6). I think it’s safe to say the Trent train is coming to Cleveland at number 4. Though he says it’s just a  hat that was given to him on his visit one can only think he will be a brown in three weeks.

To give my readers who don’t know about this punishing bruising back i will tell you little bit about him.
Richardson had 1,976 all-purpose yards and 23 touchdowns during the regular season despite being the obvious focus of every Alabama opponent on the road to the national title, the Heisman finalist proved well worth the hype. For his dominance, Richardson was consensus All-American, the SEC Offensive Player of the Year award and won the Doak Walker award as the nation’s elite running back.

Trent Richardson is the top running back in the 2012 draft. His style is uncanny he can run u over or run around you. He is a pretty straight runner for the most part but has skill set which allows him to evade a on coming tackler. There is some question on weather to take a back in the top 10 possibly even in the top 15,but there is no doubt Trent Richardson is worth a top 5pick.

The last top 5 running back was  Reggie Bush in 2006 who went 2nd overall to the Saints. The last top 10 running back C.J Spiller who went 9th to the bills in 2010.The last top 10 running back that was productive and highly sought out by NFL scouts was Adrian Peterson 2007 and I’d say he was pretty productive. Cleveland has never selected a running back in the top 10  since there return in 99.The last running back Cleveland went for was William Green was selected 16th overall in 2002 out of Boston College. Trent Richardson will be the 1st running back Cleveland takes in the top 10 ever.

Richardson is highly talented and highly sought after by many of the 32 NFL teams. I can’t wait to see the look on  James Harrison’s face when Trent Richardson runs him over. Richardson is 224lbs 5’11 that is perfect size for a running back in the NFL,would u like to see him hit 230 absolutely but you would also like to see him get that 4.48 speed down to a 4.4 flat. Though Trent prides himself on never being caught from behind he should work on his speed a wee bit.

I love the pick but like most i too am a little skeptical about taking a running back at number 4. Just knowing that it’s Richardson that calms me down a little bit. I can tell he already knows the fans wanna see W’s on the board and not L’s I’m sure he will try his hardest to provide that for us the fans. So with just 19days away from the draft I’m more excited now then before.

Thanks for reading and as always GO BROWNS!!!!

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Michael W. Youngman

    I agree that Richardson deserves and should be the browns pick at #4. However he is at minimum the 3rd running back to be taken by Cleveland in the top 10. When talking Browns running backs the list starts with Jim Brown who was selected by Cleveland 6th overall in 1957. Also even though it was technically the redskins in 1962 to have the first overall pick with earnie Davis. The browns made the trade to get him. Incidentally they had the 4th overall pick that year. There may be more but those are the two I know off the top of my head.

  2. TheOwl

    Trent Richardson would give us a bonified running attack that would gain immediate respect from the defenses. Add a good receiver at 22 and we would be well on our way to gaining some respect in the AFC North.

  3. Mike W

    A spokesman from Alabama came out and said that Trent Richardson doesnt have a twitter account…


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