If you have ever gone to a Indians game and you sat anywhere on the Indians side of the field, you would have had to see or hear Lou Rodgers the hot dog guy. Lou knows hot dogs and baseball go together better than the ball and the bats.

Nothing was more entertaining than watching Lou do his thing for the past six seasons. He made people like hot dogs, he made people understand that hot dogs and baseball went together. For 6 years Lou would sell hot dogs like no other vendor on the face of this earth.

He was a hero to kids, they would run up to Lou grab his leg and beg to have their picture taken with him. Seeing Lou do his things was at times better than watching the Indians play baseball. No one is in more Youtube videos as a vendor at a stadium more than Lou is.

Apparently this season Lou and another vendor exchanged words. The other vendor went into Lou’s section and started pedaling his goods. The guy was cutting into Lou’s sales. People who sell hot dogs at baseball games don’t get rich. Guys like Lou do it for the love of the game and the love of putting hot dogs in the hands of the fans.

If you saw Lou or know who I am talking about you know exactly what I mean. The guy was an icon at the home of the Cleveland Indians.

All Lou wants is his job back. He loved being part of the setting the Indians call home. He was part of the home field advantage and he helped people enjoy the experience of going to a game. Lou wasn’t fired by the Indians.

He was let go by a company called Sports Services. They have the food contract at Progressive field. Lou had a clean record for 6 years working at Progressive field. Food Services could have handled the situation better.

They could have sat Lou down and given him a warning, they didn’t instead they chose to fire Lou. They made a choice to deprive the thousands of fans that viewed Lou as an icon of their entertainment.

Food Services could have done the right thing. They could have issued a warning to Lou and they could have written him up and placed it in his personnel file. There is nothing that can replace Lou at Progressive Field.

The guy was a riot. We will have Lou on the Cleveland Sports 360 show Monday night July 29th at 7:00P.M. to tell his side of the story. If you are a fan of the Cleveland Indians and you enjoyed seeing Lou at the games, you should consider writing a letter and asking the Indians if they can intervene and have Lou reinstated.

Take a minute and watch the video and see how Lou helped the fans enjoy the experience of attending the game. Then make sure to watch the Cleveland Sports 360 show next Monday night at 7 and if you have seen Lou and you want to tell him what he meant to you when you went to games you can call the show next Monday night by dialing 216-672-4300. Catch the show on Monday night at 7.

In the mean time contact the Indians and ask them to help get Loy Rodgers back in action. He was an experience at every Indians home game. lets help Lou get back to where he belongs.

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Readers Comments (15)

  1. Doug Trout

    Hard to believe that something more has happened to persuade me to stay home and watch the game on t.v. While I don’t know Lou well it was always a joy to see him peddling dogs and having a good time at the game and my kids loved him too. Looking forward to hearing Lou’s side of the story on Monday.

  2. Jimmy

    I’ve been to a ton of games. Never saw a kid get excited about him and want to take a picture with them. What he mostly does is yell at people who aren’t eating hot dogs. It was quite annoying.

    • LG

      Pay more attention next time…..

      • Jimmy

        I actually usually pay really good attention to him because he is so annoying. I go to 25-30 games a year and sit in his area. But I guess there will not be a next time. That’s my take on it.

        • Anonymous

          unlikely you pay attention.

          • James

            Is this really where we are right now?? Look… some people liked him, some people didn’t. People are entitled to their opinions. I’m sorry to see anyone lose a job in this economy and I truly do hope he gets it back… but let’s not jump down a guy’s throat just because his opinion doesn’t jive with yours.

    • Barbara Jungbauer

      Lou was a riot – sorry you didn’t enjoy his antics as much as the majority of Indians’ (and Lou’s) fans.
      When I make the pilgrimage to Ohio I always catch an Indian’s game and Lou’s is the section to sit in!

  3. Jim Miller

    Jimmy eats nachos. Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou! Bring back Lou!

  4. Dina Battista

    Lou is my brother, and he LOVES his job at the stadium, how many other people can say that they even LIKE their job. If you ever saw him at work, you know he puts 110% into it. He makes children of all ages smile, and nothing is wrong with that. GOOD LUCK LOU!!! We LOVE YOU!!!

  5. Dennis Shore

    More empty seats!….I was going to bring my kids up for a weekend series. I am buying my tickets to a water park instead. They don’t have overpriced bottled water there. Peace….and good luck. Go Tribe!

  6. Mike

    Judging by YouTube videos he’s incredibly annoying.

  7. Barbara Scott

    I knew Lou when he was growing up and he wouldn’t hurt anyone. Everyone deserves a second chance. By the way what happened to the other guy who was in the wrong by going into Lou’s section, did he lose his job too?

  8. Ron Emser

    That settles it! As a former Seasons Ticket Holder… I’m boycotting Progressive Field till trhey bring back Lou!

  9. Diane

    C’mon Tribe fans, let’s pull together and get Lou back! My family misses the fun he brought to the Indians games.


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