The Cleveland Indians traded Drew Stubs to the Rockies today. In return they received LHP Josh Outman. The Indians could really use a left-handed relief pitcher and they certainly picked one up with the right last name.

Outman pitches well to left-handed batters, but the word on the street is, don't pitch him to right-handed batters. Outman started his major league career in Oakland in 2008.

He went to the Rockies in 2012. Outman had a ERA of 4.33 last season and he had an ERA of 8.19 in 2012. He finished last season with a 3-0 win loss record.

The Indians are also talking about playing Carlos Santana at 3rd base for 20-30 games in 2014. This move, I find hard to take in. Santana isn't exactly known for his defense, and 3rd base is one hot corner at times.

Santana is spending time playing 3rd base in winter ball and I haven't heard how he is performing yet. Santana gets lazy at times and playing 3rd base isn't the position to get lazy at.

The Tribe wants to find a way to keep Santana's bat in the line up and that is understandable with the lack of power hitters in the Indians line-up.

But playing Santana at 3rd base. Are they kidding us? What is going to happen when Carlos panics and throws the ball over the 1st basemen's head?

This is going to be an interesting season for the Cleveland Indians. For now, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. But I still can't understand the decision to play Carlos Santana at 3rd base.

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