Living in Cleveland and watching Cleveland sports for your entire life teaches you, when you get a player that could be a difference maker, it won’t last long. Dion Lewis is out for the season with a fractured fibula.

Lewis looked like a guy who could be a difference maker for the Cleveland Browns. Each time he carried the ball, he looked like a threat to break it for a long run. He was undoubtedly going to be the Browns number 2 running back.

He carried the ball 5 times in last nights preseason game for 33 yards and out rushed the team’s number one running back by 1 yard per carry. He also showed great versatility coming out of the back field and catching the football.

He had 4 receptions for 15 yards. Lewis could have been a huge help to the Cleveland Browns this season. Losing Lewis is going to sting. This guy was good and his natural ability can’t be coached. He has so much natural ability to find the openings in team’s defense.

Losing Lewis is one of the biggest losses the Browns suffered in last nights preseason game. There is nobody in the organization that has the same abilities as Dion Lewis. It is a shame his leg was broken in a preseason game.



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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Xraybo

    The fibula is a non wt bearing bone. Are you sure Lewis is out for the season? I agree what a shame if he is out for the season. He would have made a difference. I worry too about are guards. We did look good overall, trying not to get too excited.

    • LG

      Out for the season is the preliminary reports.

  2. lglegl

    LG says what a shame it is that Dion Lewis was hurt in an exhibition game. This is the same guy who demanded that
    Trent Richardson play in these worthless exhibition games. Obviously Dion Lewis is injury prone.

    • LG

      You really have some problems pal. Injury is part of the game. T-Rich needed a few snaps to get ready for the regular season…


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