When the NFL released the Cleveland Browns preseason schedule, one local Cleveland radio host, says it proved the Browns will be taking Johnny Manziel in the upcoming NFL draft. His reason behind his stupid thought process is because the NFL wants to see the Johnny Manziel against the RGIII match up.

First of all in order for Cleveland to draft Manziel, the Browns would have to be assured he will be available by the 4th pick, unless Cleveland trades up to waste yet another 1st round pick on a guy who is totally unproven in the NFL. All players coming out of college and into the NFL are unproven.

But in the case of Manziel, is it wise to waste picks trading up to take him?


Secondly, the NFL would have to be aware of Cleveland’s plans in the upcoming draft. The schedule is featuring the Browns playing the Washington Redskins in prime-time. Just because the Browns play the Redskins in prime-time, doesn’t necessarily mean the team will be drafting Manziel.

The Browns have too many other needs to waste picks in this draft. No matter who Cleveland has playing at quarterback, the Browns have to protect him. The right side of the Cleveland offensive line has been offensive over the past two seasons.

The Browns have got to do something to fix this problem and the team could very well be without a center this season if Jacksonville make Alex Mack an offer Cleveland deems ridiculous.

If the Browns are going to turn around all the losing they have to use this years draft picks wisely. They can’t just throw them away in the same fashion they wasted 2 first round picks in 2012.The team needs to draft wisely and Johnny Manziel is not making good use of your draft picks.



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Readers Comments (7)

  1. james kirk

    Agreed .
    Too many holes to plug .
    Johnny’s sexy , sexy sell’s , I get it .
    Not my fav , but johnny will draw National attention .
    Just too much of a ” wild card “

  2. Jason Winegardner

    Are you serious? Stupid to move up to get the most talented QB in this year’s draft? He would totally put Cleveland on the map in theNFL. Those that don’t see Manziel being a good pro QB must not know what a good QB looks like. It would be ‘stupid’ to pass on the one talent in this year’s draft who has the actual potential to be great and turn this downtrodden franchise around. Haslam knows he would make Cleveland the ‘Hot’ team to watch in the NFL for once. We draft Manziel and there will be plenty of prime-time games in Cleveland for once. You’re jealous of Manziel because he is everything
    you always wanted to be. Those that believe Manziel will fail are the stupid ones. I’d bet against every QB in this draft but Johnny.

    • LG

      Are you out of your mind? Manziel will be knocked out of the NFL by some defensive player who is just looking for the chance to knock him on his A$$

    • AFF

      The (perceived) most talented dud in a collective group is still a dud. And by all means if you know the secret to what a “good pro QB” looks like then by all means please share. Football writers/scouts/analysts have been trying to figure that out for decades and they still get it wrong half the time. I agree that drafting Manziel would finally put Cleveland on the national map and maybe get us a Monday night game for once but if he falls on his face, as many seem to think he will, it will just make us the laughing stock even more.

    • Anonymous

      He want be able to stay out of trouble as soon as he gets paid it’s party time no need to waste a pick on a trouble making bust sorry to be harsh but the truth hurts!

  3. Greg

    While I think it is possible that the Cleveland Clowns may select Manziel at pick # 4, I don’y know how probable that may be. I don’t believe that Manziel will be the best available athelete available at pick # 4. I think it is more likely that they will pick Sammy Watkins or Greg Robinson at pick # 4. I also think that several other quarterbacks will be available at pick # 26, including Manziel and Bridgewater. It seems more likely that Farmer will choose to take Bridgewater or Derek Carr at pick # 26.

  4. Big Duke

    Browns need to stay away from drafting QB’s wearing single digit jerseys. EVERY QB the Browns drafted with a single digit since 1999 has been a total failure!!! On Deck: Johnny Football #2.


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