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Gary Slagle Savannah, Ga.

I have been a Browns fan since 1978 the year we drafted Ozzie Newsome. I don't

remember much from 78-79. But 1980 and the Kardiac Kids were my first taste

of winning as a Browns fan my first taste of winning as a 12 year old was great.

But before we go any farther let me say I grew up in a Steelers household my dad

and brother were both Steeler fans in Tiffin Ohio. When the Browns called what is

infamously called red right 88 I was only a young boy I was laying under my dads

chair screaming at the tv kick the field goal. Of course we know what happened

an interception to a sliding Raider. I covered my head with my blankets and started

to cry. My dad a die hard Steeler fan uncovered my head patted it softly and said

“Son get used to it”. Words to this day 22 years after his death still ring true in my

ears daily. Took me 25 years to understand what he meant. The fumble the drive.

The year the browns left for Baltimore I didnt watch a football game none pro

nor collage till they came back in 1999. I listened to every game that year with my

internet radio would listen to wmms outta Cleveland and watch game cast on yahoo

sports. I would scream at computer monitor with my full sized helmet on and Bernie

jersey. Loss after loss year after year I have not lost faith in my Browns. But after

17 years of futility I have grown older have gotten too many grey hairs to count

my window is narrowing as is a lot of my fellow Browns fans to see us hold the

super bowl trophy. But two things are for sure I am and always will be a true fan

win or lose. Second Their is always next year



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