Brandon Weeden  not the browns starter Multiple sources are reporting that the Browns former first round draft pick Brandon Weeden won’t be the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns if he can’t earn the spot in the next training camp. Browns new head coach Rob Chudzinski came out and said it would be premature to name Weeden as the Browns starter, it is obvious that Chud won’t make the same mistakes former head coach Pat Shurmur made by naming Weeden the starter right out of the gates.

The only part of the new Browns coaching staff that had anything to say about Weeden that could be taken as a positive was new offensive coordinator Norv Turner when he stated that Weeden could have the skill set they are looking for. The Browns new G.M. Michael Lombardi already made his feelings known when he made public statements on the NFL network saying; drafting Weeden in 2012 was a “panicked disaster.”

Brandon Weeden doesn’t have the support of the new brain-trust of the Cleveland Browns.  It is likely that the Browns would either start Colt McCoy or go out and find the quarterback they like. Brandon Weeden’s days in a Cleveland Browns uniform could come to an end sooner than his supporting fans think. Weeden will have to work his butt off if he is going to lead the Cleveland Browns out of the gates. Right now it is not looking very likely. It is already known that Jimmy Haslam III and Joe Banner don’t like Brandon Weeden. You could see the discussed in Haslam’s face during the Colts game.

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  1. Bob

    Here is one scenario. They keep Weeden and trade McCoy to the Cardinals for Kolb, who Banner is familiar with. Now don’t get down on Kolb, he did get the Crdinals to go 4-0 before he went down.

    Reason I think that. Did any of you hear what Arians (who I think should have been the Browns coach) said about the quarterback he’s looking for? Remember though as you read it below, Colt does have accuracy, he has the speed and he can throw a long ball (despite what his critics say). Arians said:

    “When you go out and evaluate quarterbacks,” Arians said, via The Arizona Republic, “you can look at arm strength, you can look at accuracy, you can look at height, weight, speed — all the things that are coming up with these young quarterbacks — but you truly can’t measure two muscles, the brain and the heart, and that’s what separates them.

    “That’s the grit. When they step in the huddle, the other 10 guys, whatever comes out of his mouth, they believe it’s going to work. That doesn’t mean he’s the most talented player in the world, but he has that leadership, grit, that he’s going to do whatever it takes for his football team. It means he’s tough as nails and guys will follow him into a fire. That’s what you’re looking for. That’s grit.”

    Now who does that sound like? McCoy. Plus McCoy is familiar with the West Coast system and he’s mobile. What do you think LG? I think McCoy and another Browns play to Arizona for Kolb and his big contract.

    • Bob

      Forgot to mention that I hope the Browns start McCoy, but I think the new regime may want to have a fresh start with all new quarterbacks. Who knows maybe at this point both McCoy & Weeden have asked to be traded. Maybe the Eagles will take Weeden since they may take Shurmur. We all know how much Shurmur loves his Weeden.

    • marty

      Bob: How about this scenerio. Let’s just give Weedon to Arizonia. That will guarantee Arizonia will have the number one pick in 2014.

  2. Bob

    Ooops meant to say … I think McCoy and another Browns PLAYER to Arizona for Kolb and his big contract.

  3. ABrown

    I love that quote, Bob, and it sounds exactly like McCoy. But Arians may not have been talking specifically about McCoy — just the essence of a great quarterback — and McCoy is the only guy in Cleveland that it applies to.

    Could be a trade. KC might also go for McCoy and use their first pick to get a great left tackle.

    I think Norv Turner is going to like McCoy and see a lot of Troy Aikman in him.

    It should be an interesting off season.

  4. RB

    Hey LG. I read all the articles and in there I saw nothing that suggests as you do that: “It is likely that the Browns would either start Colt McCoy or go out and find the quarterback they like.” While I agree there is a possibility they may go out and get a different QB, I see nothing that remotely suggests it’s more likley that Colt McCoy will start.

    I’m would guess that McCoy, Weeden and a QB to be named later will compete for the QB position. I am also guessing that unless our QB for the upcoming season has a “banner” year (excuse the pun), we will be taking a QB in the first round of the 2014 draft, no matter the starter for this upcoming season.

    Have a good one.

  5. tigersbrowns2

    weeden-lover here …

    yes , weeden , or any other qb , should have to earn the starting job.
    while lombardi will have some input , i’m thinkin’ it will be up to chud & norv turner on the qb position.

    with norv turner calling the plays & mentoring the qb’s , this should help whoever the starting qb is immensely.

    if they go to the vertical passing game … in my opinion , this favors weeden. the bombs for td’s to josh gordon were things of beauty , regardless of how badly weeden played … these plays stood-out. i think weeden will turn it around under norv’s tutelage.

    if mccoy ends-up being the starter … so be it … i will support him.

    • LG

      Well they didn’t make Weeden earn it last season. The way he played the preseason, they should have known better than to start the guy

  6. joe

    just read turner on wknr today sayin how they are goin to coach up weeden. Norv said he thinks weeden will be a great pl;ayer and they are goin to coach him up and see what he has. So looks like weeden has good chance to stay bye bye colt

    • Anonymous

      Turner said Weeden has some skils to make him a good NFL QB. He also said he’d work with him and make him as good as he can be and then see where things stand.

      When Turner talked about Richardson, he had no hesitation. He said Richardson is a great running back and he’s excited about working with him, compared his potential to Emmit Smith and LaDamian Tomlinson.

      And he didn’t say it was premature to name Richardson the stater.


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