In a moment described as price-less, the Lingerie Football League, now called the Legends Football League sent out the wrong contracts to the women who choose to play for free. For a time those women actually thought Mitchell Mortaza was taking the league back to the days when the players actually did get paid to play.  It didn’t take long before the League noticed they made a major mistake and took to their private FB pages to let the women know they won;t be getting paid.

The women who had momentary smiles watched as their smiles turn upside down and they were all frowning. The LFL will not be paying those women after all. In this contract the players were promised $300 travel compensation.



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  1. Nick Slack

    Wait….So the girls got the contract, thought they were going to make $300 a game……..only to have LFL take it away from them and tell them it was an error? This league is so sad…..I wish I could feel bad for the girls, but they should know better when they play for Mitchell “no MOney for Players” Mortaza.

  2. Mortaza's Wallet

    It’s lonely in here. Not one dead president.

  3. Guest

    The LFL should expand into China.

    It will fit right in with the other SweatShops.

    IMHO, its now starting to really cross the line.


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