Lets face it. Mitchell Mortaza is a control freak. We have heard through sources (in the know) That Mitchell Mortaza Simply didn’t like the way Sean Salisbury was commenting on all the nonsense the referees were calling during the Tampa/Orlando game.  Mitchell Mortaza has a way to communicate with the LFL officials during the game.  If Mortaza wants to have the Referees make a call Mortaza instructs them to do so.    Sean Salisbury made comments about the Refs calls and Mortaza didn’t like it and he fired Salisbury.

The people that were in attendance during the game reported that they have never witnessed such a one sided bunch of bad calls during any LFL game to date. Obviously either did Sean Salisbury. When Salisbury could believe his own eyes regarding some of the calls, he would make comments on them which in turn  got Mitchell Mortaza blood pressure up and forced Mortaza to let Salisbury go before his comments would reach the masses.

Why Would Mortaza influence the calls the referees make during an LFL game you might ask? Simple, he want the teams he picks to play in his LFL bowl. Why? he wants to sell tickets that is why. Hey take a listen to the last Cleveland Sports 360 show from last Monday night. Our guest was Oscar Lopez from GridIron Beauties. Oscar touches on the reason Mortaza like to control the outcome of his LFL games. Click Here and listen to what Oscar says.

I’ll bet Salisbury can’t tell the truth as to why he was let go. Mitchell Mortaza probably all ready sent him one of the LFL famous cease and desist orders he has his Lawyers hand out to people like they are candy. Hey you can have a look at one of those right here.

So it just cracks me up to read Mortaza making statements like this: “We will continue to take the high-road and simply state that we have simply parted-ways with Sean…Sean’s agent can posture however he will.” This must be Mortaza’s way of coning people to think he has a “High Road”.

Then Mitchell Mortaza makes a statement like this:  “Our expectations were not met in terms of broadcast protocol and we were not pleased with the overall lack of respect toward our producers, which primarily drove the decision.”

I think what Mortaza was really trying to say was he doesn’t like people informing others of what a scam he is running. Hey we have tried to get Mitchell Mortaza on the Cleveland Sports 360 show numerous times to tell his side of the story. He never does want to come for some strange reason. Even after Mortaza’s former LFL players appeared on the show and we reached out to Mortaza, he only hung up the phone on us.

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