Lingerie Football TryoutsYou’ve heard the old saying (Don’t Out The Cart Before The Horse) I’ll bet. That is exactly what Mitchell Mortaza did in St. Louis I’m told. Rumor’s have it that Mitchell Mortaza thought he could walk right into St. Louis and make his demands, then the Arena would give in to Mortaza’s demands. Not this time Mitch, the Arena was not able to be successfully negotiated for by Mortaza who reportedly is a guy who makes ridiculous demands. People have told me many times how Mitchell Mortaza thinks he should be given special treatment because he is bringing his LFL league to your town.   The truth is these Arena’s have schedules to hold.

They could care less about Mitchell Mortaza’s circus. They don’t need a guy coming to their town and promise all kinds of things and not deliver. They have seen this happen before.    The problem with a guy like Mitchell Mortaza is, he thinks he is a big deal, he often tries to present his LFL like it is parallel to the NFL.  The truth is the NFL doesn’t make their players run out to bars and sell tickets to the games, if you expect to play in Mortaza’s side-show of nakedness he tries to label as football you better believe you but will be hitting the streets before the 2 home games you have to sell tickets. If not you will be threatened continually about not being able to play in the game. The best thing that could have happened to the ladies in St. Louis was Mortaza’s failed negotiations to secure an arena. Look at the trouble those women were spared from.

Lets face it playing in Mitchell Mortaza’s Lingerie football league is no easy task. The girls who do find themselves playing in the league pay there own way to practice. They miss work to practice, they are expected to take their own vacation time from their regular job to travel out of town to play. Then they don’t even get paid for doing it.  Could you imagine spending hours every week getting ready to play football and then find out you are suspended because you didn’t sell enough tickets? Wow what a let down. Then there is the fact that if you gain weight you could be suspended. Mortaza hates fat people, even if you are not fat he hates girls that gain 5 or 10 lbs.

If they do put on weight Mortaza  makes the ladies get on all fours in a bikini and submit pictures to the LFL Closet, oh I mean office to show how they look before he will let you play. The St. Louis Arena not letting Mortaza bring his side-show there just saved the women a ton of aggravation.

Not only does Mortaza put you through all this when you are in his three ring circus, now he wants the girls who want to play, the girls who want to try-out pay 10 dollars to try out. I wonder why he is now charging the women who want to try out 10 bucks.  Is he running low on cash?  Does he need the money to pay rent at the place they hold try out?  Maybe he needs gas money for his car who knows. Why would a woman want to go pay 10 bucks to try out and be verbally abused by this undersized foul-mouthed man?

The girls I talked to in Australia said when Mitchell Mortaza walked into the try out in their country the first thing he did was to yell and swear at them. Imagine the man goes to a foreign country and swear at people he never saw before in his life. Yeap, that is something every-girl should pay 10 dollars to have done to them right?

You ever wonder how Mitchell Mortaza always gets girls to play in his league?  The main reason is, he promises them their 15 minutes of fame. The girls think they are going to be on National Television and they will be seen by millions.  Mortaza reportedly doesn’t even have a Television contract this year.  The LFL  used to be televised on MTV2,  many say they had their fill of Mortaza’s antics. Rumors have it that Mitchell Mortaza is such a control freak he would run things way over budget for the MTV2 people.  Rumors also point to Mortaza trying to approach the MTV2 network to demand more money.

If all that wasn’t bad enough there is a guy that goes by the name of Jim Stews who was slamming the MTV2 network. There have been people who have said Jim Stews is really Mitchell Mortaza hiding behind a fake internet account to slam people. Is Mitchell Mortaza really Jim Stews? I don’t know. People continually say he is. You have to wonder, if Mortaza is really Jim Stews then why does he hide behind some fake account to make malicious statements?  Why wouldn’t Mortaza just come out and say what he thinks? I mean he has balls right? He is the owner of all the LFL teams he has got to have balls. Otherwise the women wouldn’t have any to play with.

Now that Moratza couldn’t secure the Arena in St. Louis, he is moving to the Atlanta area to start a LFL team. How lucky are the people in the Atlanta area to have a guy like Mortaza bringing his circus there? People think Mortaza is moving into the back yard of the other account holder many say is really Mitchell Mortaza. The twitter account of LFLInsideTheLines. Gee ya think there is a chance that all three people will show up at an Atlanta LFL game at the same time?  It would be something to see, Jim Stews, Mitchell Mortaza and LFLInsideTheLines all standing together in one spot at the same time. People say all the time the LFLInsideTheLine guy is really Mortaza, again I am just reporting what I am told. I don’t know who these people are. It is crazy to think a guy like Mitchell Mortaza would go to those extremes to insult the former LFL players and a few other people he doesn’t care for. But who am I to say who is who? Maybe the people have something, saying it is him?

Finally The LFL Poster is saying the LFL players in Minnesota are paid to play in his LFL league. Really? When did that start? In the beginning Mortaza paid the players. Every player I have talked to say he took their pay away from them. The ladies had to pay for their own medical coverage and when they got hurt playing in this Circus he calls football, they couldn’t collect for months.

So ladies, if you are going to enlist your services in the LFL because you are going to get paid, I would say check into it first. Talk to some of the players who have played and see how much the league is paying them. if your reason to play is because you want to be on TV, I would say ask Mortaza to see the Television contract. Rumors I am hearing all say the Lingerie Football team has no Television contract. So if the rumors are all true,it looks to me the only thing the LFL is doing fastest these days is regressing.   Hey Moratza always says the LFL is the fastest. It sure looks like he is moving backwards pretty fast….


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Readers Comments (2)

  1. GuessWhoItIs

    I can confirm a few things.

    1. Jim Stews AND “Inside the Lines” are the same “guy”. HOWEVER, its NOT Mitch. Its a “guy” working under his direction.

    I’m 99.99% sure it isn’t Mitch himself. Stews knows how to use spell check, and write past the 5th grade level. If you have ever seen any email from Mitch, you can tell right away Stews isn’t Mitch doing the actual writing.

    Mitch is Dyslexic/Mentally Disabled. Its the only rational explanation for some of those Emails I have received. And I’m only half joking. Its really bad.

    2. Mitch bailed out on St. Louis, and moved to Atlanta, on his own accord. He is getting Atlanta basically for free, and St Louis would have cost a pretty penny. So he trashed the deal. This was 100% on Mitch, he wanted this Lease to fail, it would have cost him Money.

    Girls in St. Louis, go on with your lives, that team WILL NOT be coming back. Yea, what a surprise, Mitch isn’t telling the truth about this whole issue.

    He ditched St. Louis right at the same time Jim Stews showed up. Which makes this whole thing strange.

    3. Mitch is figuring out that these arenas are really hurting, and the LFL does make them money. He is REALLY driving hard bargains. That
    is why teams are moving.

    He is getting these arenas based on the absolute lowest rent/field build/game production bid any arena gives. And arenas are giving in, figuring that 2 games isn’t all that much to deal with. Some of these arenas, the LFL is the ONLY rent they have for the whole month. They are absolutely giving them away. ANYTHING to get a tenant.

    He could care less about the “Market” or how lousy the Arena itself is. Hell Omaha is playing in a tiny Arena with 2500 Max Capacity, because he got the damn place basically for free. Yea, Omaha is the Prime example of the “New” LFL. LOL, the “Low Rent League”.

    4. He can now put on game at such low cost, 1000/Game in ticket sales is all he needs to keep going. Which is his plan. Just stay alive until the economy improves. Then try and make a bigger go of it. Which isn’t a bad plan, IF he can keep people working for free.

    5. This “Year Off” wasn’t to promote the LFL. It was time to renegotiate/or move outright Arena deals to get them at much cheaper Rents. The Spring/Summer Season has drastically lowered the cost of these arenas.

    6. Tampa got tossed out of their Arena alright. Good old Mitch was a flaming idiot, and they simply threw his ass out. BUT, he managed to Pick up Jacksonville for almost nothing. But Jacksonville is a crap sports town. Have to see how it works out.

    7. Like I said before. The MTV contract did nothing but loose money. Mitch is trying to get more money out of them just to cover production cost. Add in the fact he FIRED, the best producer the LFL ever had, and MTV2 is balking. Yea, if you didn’t hear this before, He fired the guy that could actually work with MTV, AND keep things near budget. Talk about a screw-up.

    He fired the Most Important guy in the whole LFL as far as Business goes. You want to know what for? A “Personality Conflict”. In other words, the Producer was a total Pro, and a damn nice guy, and one of the best in his field. And Mitch is a Putz.

    Yea, then Mitch “Took Over” ROTFL!! OMG, how did you think THAT worked out. I swear it, Mitch actually thought he could just “Produce” a Pro TV Sports show. I Kid you not, This guy actually thinks this way. I mean, WTF do you say, when you get the news that Mitch will be producing?? ROFL, it is STILL funny to talk about. LOL, What a lunatic.

    It looks like its going to cost them the MTV2 deal, unless something changes. And he poisoned the well, WHAT producer will produce a live TV Sports show only to get fired by some idiot? I’m betting Games “On Tape” played over the internet will be the LFL future. I don’t know for sure. Only time will tell.

    8. Lastly, More people are getting tired of this idiot. There is only so much crap you want to take when you are working for free. Yea, love the players, and the LFL Films guys, and everyone else in the LFL. But damn, Mitch gets old fast.

    Nothing like a guy to dumb to use a modern cell phone, screaming and cursing at people 100x smarter then he is, for no damn reason, to cause people to leave.

    Mitch is a “Major Sports” commissioner, who tries to compare to the NFL. Does the NFL commissioner go around publicly Yelling obscenities at people? No he doesn’t. Goodell acts the way a commissioner is SUPPOSED to act. And thats what people expect. Not some clown who acts like a zero class crack head.

    I give the LFL a year or two. And it will be done, or greatly diminished. How long can you really keep people working for free, and treating them like trash. Its getting harder and harder to replace people with any kind of talent. And its starting to be an issue.

    Heck, the Whole LFL is down to like 30 players that can actually put on a game that is TV worthy. How long can/will they keep playing for nothing? Divide those players between 16 teams, and wow, you are vulnerable.

    Im betting 1/2 of them will be gone after next year if something positive doesn’t happen.

    3-4 Years of Broken promises might be about all they are going to take. Its sure starting to look that way.

  2. GuessWhoItIsnt

    Idk who you are but 100pct he is LFL Inside the Lines. Geeks and PIs tracked down his IP addy. Therez no other guy LOL.


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