Weeden McCoyI have heard all kinds of chatter from people who think Brandon Weeden is the great white hope of the Cleveland Browns and he is going to take them to the promise land. The truth of the matter is, Brandon Weeden is 0-4 as the Browns starting quarterback. Everyone is so excited because the Browns played a tough game in Baltimore last night. Listen people the Browns lost the game and Brandon Weeden didn’t put any points on the board none, he threw no touchdown passes at all and when he had a chance to make a great throw he threw the ball out of the end-zone. Weeden was brought to Cleveland because of  his great pin point accuracy and his strong-arm. Tell me where is that at? Sure there are some dropped passes, there are also some caught passes too.

The one deep pass Brandon Weeden completed to Greg Little for a 39 yard gain was thrown high, Little did a great job to hand on and haul that ball in. Sure Little dropped some other balls, he also caught 4 passes in the game and none of them were perfectly thrown balls. Look at the film if you can. You’ll see what I am saying. Now lets get into looking at Weedens first four games and Colt McCoy’s first four games as the Browns starting quarterback.

Right off the back McCoy has the edge, he won 2 of the first four games that he played in as the Browns quarterback. McCoy had a .500 percentage after 4 games. Weeden has a zero winning percentage after his first four games. You following what I am saying so far? By no means am I saying Colt McCoy is a better quarterback than Brandon Weeden, however after four games Colt had 2 wins.

Does anyone remember the two teams he beat? Lets me refresh you memories. In the first game McCoy played in he went 23 for 33 for 281 yards and 1 touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He did this with an arm that was still damaged from the injury he sustained in the BCS Championship game.  McCoy had 2 interceptions and didn’t fumble the ball at all. In Brandon Weeden’s first game for the Browns he went 12 of 35 for 118 yards, Weeden threw 4 interceptions and fumbled the ball 2 times. In his very first game for the Browns Colt McCoy was able to throw a touchdown pass, Weeden was not able to do so. In his very first game as a Brown Colt McCoy threw 2 picks, Weeden threw 4. In his very first game as a Brown Colt McCoy never fumbled the football, Weeden fumbled 2 times. Both McCoy and Weeden were Rookies in the NFL playing in their first game & they both lost….

In Colt McCoy’s second game for the Cleveland Browns Colt McCoy completed 9 of 16 passes for 74 yards, McCoy didn’t throw any interceptions and he had no fumbles in the game. Colt McCoy won the game against the New Orleans Saints 30-17, his second game playing as the Browns Rookie quarterback. In Brandon Weeden’s second game as the Browns Q.B. he threw 322 yards completing 26 of 37 of his passes and lost the game. So in their 2nd games as rookie Q.B.’s Colt won Weeden lost.

In Colt McCoy’s 3rd game as the Browns rookie Q.B. he played the New England Patriots. McCoy threw for 174 yards, he completed 14 of the 19 passes he threw you see that? He had no interceptions and had no fumbles…McCoy won his 3rd game in the NFL…Oh yeah, McCoy rushed for a touchdown in the game too, the Browns beat the Patriots 34-14… The Patriots finished the 2010 season with a 14-2 record. Not a bad team were they?

In Brandon Weeden’s 3rd start as the Browns Q.B. he completed 27 of the 43 passes he threw for 237 yards. Weeden threw 2 interceptions and had 1 touchdown. Weeden Lost The Game. In Colt McCoys 4th game as the Browns Q.B. he played against the Jets, the only other team that handed the Patriots a loss in 2010. McCoy completed 18 of 31 for 205 yards and a touchdown. McCoy had no interceptions and he didn’t fumble the ball either, McCoy lost the game.

In Brandon Weeden’s 4th game as the Browns starter, he complete 25 of the 52 passes he threw, he had one interception that was returned for a touchdown and he lost the game. Weeden threw no touchdowns and he had 27 incomplete passes. Sure there were some drops and Weeden had some terrible throws too. On some of his completions the receivers had to pick the ball off of the tops of their shows. So much for the highly accurate arm.

In all four of the games McCoy played in, he completed more than 50% of his passes. McCoy had 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Weeden only completed more than 50% of his passes 2 time, he threw more interceptions than touchdown 7-3 and has lost all four of his first four starts….. So if you look at it just by comparing the first 4 starts it clearly shows which quarterback had a better start to their careers.

By The Way the Saints finished the 2010 season with a 11-5 record….McCoy was able to get wins to go .500 in his first four starts against a couple of pretty darn good football teams don’t ya think??? So far in his rookie season after 4 starts Weeden’s winning percentage is zero….. Yes, I know Colt McCoy had a bad year in 2011, Weeden is having an even worse year in 2012 so far. The only common denominator is the fact Pat Shurmur is the head coach



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Readers Comments (18)

  1. muttklingon

    u some we haft to fall alot . before they can become winner?

  2. AtotheV

    I totally disagree with you on the dropped passes. Greg Little has potentially cost Cleveland 2 games. A blind kid can see that. You seem to be just another statistician…

    • LG

      Gregg Little wasn’t even a wide receiver. He is learning the position. He has made strides in learning the game at wide receiver. Sure he had some drops, he also made 4 good catches in the Ravens game and is going to keep getting better. Why would the Browns throw him the ball? Pass it to someone else then….But Little is still learning the Position too…. How many drop passes cost Colt McCoy and the Browns last season? Answer a ton of them….

      • A

        LG- Little has mostly been a receiver his whole career prior to the NFL. So catching a football isn’t something new to him!

        • LG

          They had him listed as both, R.B. and W.R. at North Carolina

    • ABrown

      Little was dropping passes last year, but he wasn’t called out to play better the there were hints that the Browns receivers wouldn’t drop so many passes if they had another Quarterback. They have another QB and they are still challenged in the hands department.

      But something else is going on here.

      Coach Shurmur and Browns management have only one winning play that they call. It’s not a call they make during games, but after them.

      The reason they call the play is not to win a game the fans are desperate for. The play they run the most is called SCAPE GOAT.

      So far this year’s scape goat is Greg Little and everyone is all over him — even though he made an exceptional catch to make the 94 yard drive for the lone TD succeed.

      Last year there were lots of players who weren’t measuring up, but Shurmur and company called the play — scape goat McCoy.

      Scape Goat has been Shurmur’s most successful play. at least for him, but not for the Browns.

  3. factory of sadness

    i disagree with the 43 yard completion pass being thrown high. it was thrown perfectly and just out of reach of williams. any lower and it would be tipped.

    • LG

      You ever see how good quarterbacks have the ball fall inot the hands of the receiver in full stride right over the top of the defenders? We sure haven’t seen that yet coming from B.W.

      • ABrown

        You’re right, LG. There’s an arc to good long passes and they are designed to go over the defenders and down toward the receiver. Weeden’s passes don’t have much arc and when they are bad, uncatchable, they keep going higher.

        Leaping and catching one of those is amazing, but doing the same thing twice is almost impossible. It shows how much leaping ability Little has that he got his hands on the one on the goal line at all.

  4. Chris

    Agree with u. But don’t u know, Weeden just needs time. *eyeroll. The latest excuse being used by Weeden lovers who can’t admit St.Brandon isn’t anything special.

  5. Ron

    Give it up. Let’s face it. Cleveland does not have a decent QB yet. Maybe, neither of these guys will make it. As for Little, he should either learn how to catch and hold on to the ball or take up something else in life. This is pro football not some charity organization.

  6. factory of sadness

    ya ever think after lookin at that video that little coulda just kept running and let it fall into his hands in stride? just sayin

    • LG

      What do you think?

  7. k

    We should have picked a reciever not a qb in the first round. We went from a QB with a 75 rating to a QB with a 60 rating. But we didnt improve with recievers.

    The coach and the GM have to go. Their W-L records are both horrible since taking their positions. Shurmur is 4-16 and Holmgreen is about the same.

    • LG

      You are absolutely correct K…..

  8. Adam

    I don’t get why the Browns don’t ever get anyone in free agency. There are pretty damn good receivers still out there (Chad Johnson & T.O)who have proved they can catch the ball, worse case scenerio they could mentor the young browns receivers. They say there going to make changes and bring winning back to Cleveland, still waiting on these so called changes!

    • ABrown

      Adam, I’ve wondered about free agency, too, but I think the soon to be former owner didn’t want to spend much money on players.

      I’d love to see an experienced receiver come in and work with our receivers like Fitzgerald works with the rookies at Arizona. However, I both TO and Chad Johnson can bring a number of problems with them.

      I think going forward we may see the Browns go after high quality free agents a little more aggressively.

  9. ABrown

    LG, this is a thought provoking comparison of the first 4 games McCoy and Weeden have started in the NFL.

    There are a couple of other measurables from those games that will give more insight into the difference between winning and losing — long passes and third down conversions.

    According to Pro Football, McCoy completed 65% of his passes (7.2 yds per attempt) and Weeden completed 54% of his (5.9 yds per attempt).

    On long passes of more than 15 yards, McCoy completed 47% of his long passes and Weeden completed only 25%. These are the same length of passes with the average longest in each game 30 yards for McCoy and 29 yards for Weeden.

    Now Weeden threw more long passes than McCoy, — 32 to 19. But McCoy completed one more long pass than Weeden did. As a result, McCoy’s long passes averaged 11.3 yds per attempt, but Weeden’s averaged only 5.8 yrds per attempt.

    The importance of accuracy and efficiency with long passes is pretty clear.

    In 3rd down conversions in their first 4 starts, McCoy converted 41%. Weeden converted 28% of his 3rd downs. This measure is about keeping drives alive long enough to score.

    When fans say they believe Colt McCoy gives the Browns a better chance to win, the things we can measure support that conclusion.


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