Here we go again, LeBron James isn't happy with management. What's the matter LeBron people not kissing your butt enough? When is James going to learn he is just a basketball player. The world doesn't revolve around him? LeBron sure seemed happy when he made his decision and stuck it right where the sun don't shine to Dan Gilbert and the people of Cleveland that supported his rich spoiled behind. Now James Is singing the same old song he has sung before.

James thinks he can pick and choose when he wants to. He has no regard for the fans, no regard for management and no regard for the teams he plays for. It is always about LeBron James and what he wants. Now he doesn't like the management so their is talk about James making a return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Again James is showing total disrespect for others. Maybe the people of Cleveland, Dan Gilbert and Byron Scott don't want James coming back to the Cavaliers and disrupting the organization.

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