Cleveland Browns quarterback, Johnny Manziel is losing all credibility. LeBron James Marking firm is cutting ties with Manziel. Maverick Carter, who is a close friend to LeBron and the person James has running the LeBron James Marketing firm, said they have decided to part ways with Manziel.

Carter said he would still advise Manziel on a personal level, but couldn't do business any longer with the troubled QB on a professional level. The LeBron James marketing agency isn't the only firm cutting ties with Manziel.

Fenway Sports Management, is also cutting ties with the troubled QB. Manziel is costing himself millions. His behavior is out of control. When two firms dump you and no longer want to do business with you, your marketability has to have taken a plunge.

These firms are in business to make money, and if Manziel was still marketable, I don't think the firms would be parting ways with him. The truth is Manziel has zero credibility these days.

He's done nothing to improve his reputation. With reports talking about him running around Vegas in a blond wig and a fake name coming out, this hurt Manziel's marketability even further.

None of this seems to matter to Johnny, he's living for today in the same way he always has. Even though the kid is losing millions in potential endorsement deals, I don't think he's going to change.



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