By now most sources in the know, are confirming what I already knew a couple of weeks ago. LeBron James will return and play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. When will LBJ, make his decision official? I’d expect the announcement to come before the start of his Skills Academy on July 9th.

With that being said, I believe James will make it official within the nest day or two. LeBron would like nothing better than to be a hero once again in the city of Cleveland. Think about it, nowhere else in the NBA could LeBron become more of a hero, than returning to Cleveland to help the Cavaliers compete for a championship.

He has nothing else to prove in Miami, and the people who think he will return to the Heat, are delusional. James wants to coma back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, to play with Kyrie Irving and the rest of this young team, to bring something to the city, they haven’t seen in years.

A Championship. It’s really that simple. If James can come back and help the Cavaliers win games, the fans will celebrate his return. It won’t take long. James is a difference maker in the NBA. The Cavaliers were already capable of playing good basketball, with the addition of a LeBron James to the line-up, the Cavaliers will play great basketball.

So look for the official decision before July 9th.

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Readers Comments (23)

  1. Thomas

    Hope you are right, his legacy rests in Cleveland. Hollywood couldn’t write a better script. He made “the decision” when he was a young man with the world at his feet, now he has matured into the best player in the world. All is forgiven.

    • LG

      Just a few more days until we know….

    • Anonymous

      He’ll only come back if his mama tells him too. Lebron ain’t no Michael. Never will be. We need a player that can last an entire game. We need a player who doesn’t cry. James’ time is already over.

  2. Spoken Soul

    And you know this how? Give it a rest.

    • LG

      You’ll see soon….

      • Anonymous

        So what if he comes back? LOL. We are trying to build something. He’s just a Leech now. Looking for easy championships. lol

        • JIM V

          Hey Anonymoues! It better to be thought of as an “Idiot” Then to make a statement and remove all doubt!!! What’s this WE crap? Last I heard Gilbert owns the team! We haven’t had a Championship since 1964 with the Browns. Cleveland would take Michael Jordan if he would come out of retirement if it would bring a championship to Cleveland.

      • DB

        He still has a home in ohio.. I hope you are right that would be sweet!!…I think they would be a title contender..I wonder if thats why Irving was so quick to make the deal

  3. johnny stamper

    Taking his talents to the south beach of lake erie!!!

  4. Chris

    LG, although I am on the same pages you, I just wish you had sources to back your statements.
    As it stands, and again I am on the same team….you are only putting your opinion out there. LBJ has not made any official announcement, nor have his people.

    • LG

      It is coming Chris

  5. juanlacas

    why would LBJ come back to play for a scumbag like Dan Gilbert. No class Gilbert chewed him out when he left what a gentlemen of an owner.

    • debbie

      Dan Gilbert only said what the rest of us wanted to. No class was the way LeBron turned his leaving into a circus. All LeBron has on his mind is ring, ring, ring. He will go or stay wherever he thinks he has the biggest chance of winning. I enjoyed watching him play but don’t bet on him coming back to Cleveland. He was instrumental in ruining basketball as we once knew and loved it. You don’t chase a ring by “forming” a team, you win by beating the rest of the best. Winning a ring today for the NBA players is as much as a joke as ever.

  6. The man

    You’re all full of it!!! Lebron is staying in Miami.

    • LG

      Here is what this guy over at ESPN is saying about LeBron now; Cleveland has replaced Miami as my frontrunner to land LeBron James… Chris Broussard ESPN

  7. Anon

    Gilbert and James talked it out a long time ago. They’re cool. Z’s retirement was planned around the Heat schedule so LBJ could be there. Where, he coincidently watched the ceremony from Gilbert’s private suite. I’m excited to see how MIA “fans” handle their superstars splitting up and how many will actually attend games next season!

  8. brandon g

    I promise we wont burn his Jersey like the cavs fans. We, correction I appreciate everything Lebron has brought to us in Miami. Some of the best basketball I’ve ever seen. And multiple rings 4 straight finals. Job well done.

  9. brandon g

    I promise we will not do the countless, shameless things I witnessed in clevland when the heat would play the cavs. Just terrible.

    • debbie


  10. brandon g

    If he doesn’t sign with cavs, then he’s a scum bag again.

  11. JIM V

    I’ll just use logic! He’s not going to Lakers! There is not enough room for LeBron & Colby on the same team!…Footnote, I wish Josh Gordan could have spent sometime with LeBron. Maybe he might have learned something about handling his life as a professional player!

  12. Jeff K

    If Lebron comes back to Cleveland, then we should throw a huge parade for him and his family in Akron, and in Cleveland. I for one, forgive him and would welcome back one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA.

    • juanlacas

      Get rid of Gilbert and bring the man back. It is impressive how people in Cleveland can not see the true scumbag. Gilbert had no brains in hiring any decent advisories to build a solid team around the best player in the league. I don’t blame Gilbert for whipping LBJ around because LBJ still filled his seats every night. Money LBJ will never see in his whole life.


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