The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Boston Celtics in game-4 of the Eastern Conference finals, to take a 3-1 lead, but it wasn't a victory that the fans expected. The Boston Celtics came out swinging, and they had the lead in most of the first half.

The LeBron James would fall into foul trouble, King James had 4 fouls in the first half of the game. That's something I can't even remember happening to LeBron. He very seldom has foul trouble, and you have to wonder if the refs were being fair.

There were a couple of fouls they of course missed against the Celtics, and it would seem like a couple they were early to call against LeBron.

In the end, it didn't matter. The Cleveland Cavaliers would beat the Celtics 112-99. Kyrie Irving went into over-drive in the game. This was a Kyrie we knew existed, but we've never had the pleasure of seeing.

Irving took control of the second half, and just exploded to lead the Cavs to victory. He scored 42, but he had some help from Kevin Love who was a rebounding machine in game-4 with 17, to go along with his 17 points.

LeBron James may have had foul troubles, but that didn't stop the king from scoring 34 points in game-4. It was probably the quietest 34 points you'll ever see from him, but none-the-less it was still another play-off game with LeBron going north of 30.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will travel back to Boston to play game-5. We can expect an all out war with the Celtics being on the edge of elimination. My hope is they don't try to injure anyone who is wearing a Cavs uniform.

We all know the Celtics can resort to some pretty dirty tactics at times. Lets hope it doesn't happen in game-5.

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