For Browns running back Trent Richardson, there is more to the story than meets the eye. Richardson did in fact put his hand on the woman’s car the night in question. That alone puts him in a bad spot. He said he touched the car because he was trying to stop them from hitting him.

The question now becomes why was he outside in the first place? He asked the women to leave his house and they did. Why would he go outside after them? They were in their car and they must have had the engine running and they were abiding to Richardson’s request to leave.

If he would have stayed in his home, chances are they would have just left and we wouldn’t be talking about this now. But, Richardson felt it necessary to go outside the night in question and get in the way of their car. With that being said, there is more to the story than we think.

Trent Richardson may be strong when it comes to running the football, but does he really think he is strong enough to stop a car? The guy should have known better than to go outside and get in the way of a car that was full of people he asked to leave his residence.

There may not be criminal charges pending but that doesn’t change the fact  T-Rich went outside and had an altercation with the car. This law suit is going to come down to who the jury believes. Just the fact Richardson would exit his house to go outside and get in the path of a car that he asked to leave, leaves beyond a reasonable doubt open for debate.

If Richardson would have just stayed in his house after he asked the women to leave, this case would be non-existent. He made the choice to follow them outside and get in the way of their car. That in itself leaves too many questions unanswered. You can read the NBC Sports story by clicking here…..

It would have been very difficult for those women to try to run over Richardson had he stayed in his home that night.

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