Browns second year quarterback Brandon Weeden, who is competing for the starting job in Cleveland, faced pressure like he never felt before while competing on the practice field. The pressure Weeden felt was not knowing.

It wasn’t not knowing if he would be the Browns starter in 2013, it wasn’t not knowing the play-book. It was not knowing what shape his home state of Oklahoma was in, after being hit by a F-5 Tornado. Moore Oklahoma is home to Weeden’s in-laws. His wife’s mother just missed being in the path of destruction¬† and his brother-in-law only lives 8 blocks away from her.

Weeden couldn’t wait to get back to his home state. Once he arrived, he couldn’t believe the devastation that took place. In a recent interview from the Browns practice facility, Weeden explained how the pictures coming across the television screen didn’t do justice to how bad the damage really is.

Weeden, who grew up and has spent his life in Oklahoma said, he never saw damage this wide spreed. Seeing it with his own eyes left him devastated.. Oklahoma has experienced more of the same damage that took place a week ago last night.

More tornado’s came through, this time Oklahoma city was hit and 9 people were killed, and at least 75 others were injured. While Weeden is facing a certain amount of pressure to win the Browns starting job, it’s nothing compared to the pressure his fellow Oklahoma-ions are faced with. The rebuilding is going to take years and the storms continue to cause more damage.

You can donate on-line or you can call the Red Cross at, 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767), text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief.

Weeden probably can’t wait to get back to help the people in need. His home state needs all the help they can get….


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  1. dan dyer

    Classy article LG…I am impressed!!

    • LG

      Thanks Dan….

  2. Sam

    Very nice article, LG.

    • LG

      thx Sam

  3. DC84

    Bravo LG, I was really expecting a bashing for Weeden, but you proved me wrong, excellent read.

    • LG

      Thanks DC84

  4. Applebee McFridays

    That’s more like it LG. Arguably the best piece I have ever seen on this site.

    • LG

      Thx we got more just need some wins…..

  5. RICK

    Very nice article LG. One of your better ones I have to say.

    • LG

      Thx Rick

  6. Greg

    Unfortunately, Oklahoma will need more than just Brandon Weeden’s help to recover from the devastation caused by recent tornados. Lets not forget that tornado season is not over yet.


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