How much better is Brandon Weeden going to be this season mentally? If you recall last season he came out after he discovered what a tight end was and  told everyone via the news media they didn’t have those at Oklahoma State.

Of course he was kidding (we hope) and he found out you can throw the football to these guys and they can make things happen for the offense. This off-season it seems like Weeden is more mentally prepared to come to camp and compete for the starting job.

He has even talked up Browns tight end Jordan Cameron. Weeden thinks he will be a good fit in Norv Turner’s offense. What a difference one off season in the NFL has made in Weeden’s life.

In 2012 he didn’t know what a tight end was, and in 2013 he thinks one could make a difference in Turner’s offense. Is this a sign of good things to come? Is Weeden busting his hump studying Turner’s play book? Is he actually doing things this off-season to make himself a student of the game?

Just imagine if he has. The team might actually win more than 4 or 5 games. There was a day in Cleveland’s football history when the tight ends were used very effectively. They not only blocked, they went out and caught a ton of passes too.

The Browns had one of the best tight ends in the history of football who went by the name of “The Wizard of Oz.”  The fans loved him and he was one of the most dependable receivers in the NFL for years.

Just think if Weeden finds out how to throw a pass from the 5 yard line into the corner of the end-zone this season. The Browns could use the tight end to catch them and they could score once the team is the red zone.

How exciting would that be? I am glad Weeden feels comfortable enough to think he knows what will work in the team’s offense. Maybe this is a good sign of things to come….Lets all hope so….

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Readers Comments (10)

  1. Applebee McFridays

    Give it a rest you cretin. You really do take stupidity to a new level LG. See professional help, soon. Please. You need it more than anyone I have ever known.

    • LG

      Wow. Here I am given the guy credit for improving his metal side of the game and you don’t like it…You must be his agent….

      • Applebee McFridays

        You wouldn’t know how to give Weeden credit if your life depended on it LG so give us a break. Even when you do mention him in a decent light, you still find a way to belittle him. I don’t know why you are so obsessed with him, but you are, and seem incapable of giving him any support at all.
        I am not his agent, but if I was I would be suing the ass off you for the way you have victimized this guy in print.

        • LG

          You are hilarious. Suing me for what? Writing the truth…..Give me a freaking break. First round pick who wins 5 games and throws more interceptions can’t find the corner of an end-zone with any touch at all how much of a break should the guy who is making millions get????

          • Anonymous

            Exactly what I am talking about. You are a disgrace, both as a writer and a fan. No matter how bad Brandon Weeden might have been, in what was his rookie season, he was still, and always will be, infinitely better at what he does than you will ever be at this.
            How does that feel?. Go back to selling cars, flippin’ burgers, or whatever you did before LG. This is not the profession for you. You just don’t have the talent, intellect, or knowledge to be able to do it right.

          • LG

            It feels like it is one persons opinion. Doesn’t effect me a bit. Never sold cars nor have I ever flipped burgers except at a cookout…

  2. danage

    Last year he had no tight ends, no wr. and rookie rb that didn’t show his real burst. 1/3 of int. we’re tipped off receivers hands that should have been caught!!! and an A$$ of a head-coach..

    • LG

      You’re right about the head coach…

  3. longhaul

    wow sounds like a few are bent out of shape over weed head. we all are browns fans some have been longer than others.some are just more tired of losing and the stupid moves that the front office has can say all you want about weeden but the bottom line is he is not a starting qb in the nfl. he is a backup at takes more than arm strength to be a good qb.there is a reason why baseball didn’t work out for him. it all boils down to brains. sorry it just isn’t there

  4. Anonymous



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