The Cleveland Browns have a couple of players signing praise about the teams changes this year. First we have Josh Gordon talking about how the team’s offense is going to attack and then we have Joe Haden talking about the Browns new 3-4 defense.

We are only a month past the 2013 draft and the team seems to be excited coming into the 2013 season. Turner’s new offense must be something. For a guy like Gordon to come out and talk about how the team is going to attack and other team’s defenses are going to be surprised is something positive to look forward to.

Can you imagine this Cleveland Browns team putting up a winning season? How about making the play-offs, this city would go crazy if the Browns would be able to do that. It has been years since the team has had a winning season.

Then there is the new Ray Horton defense that has Joe Haden talking. Haden seems to like the defensive changes taking place in Berea and the Browns should be able to have an attack defense with plenty of big bodies they can put in and out of the games. This way they can get to the quarterback and always have fresh bodies.

The front 3 of the Browns defense should be able to have plenty of depth this season. The secondary could still be a problem, the team is going to have some unproven players back there. But with the Browns pass rush it should make it easy for the secondary to have a good season.

If all this talk translates into solid play on the field, Cleveland fans could be in for their first winning season in years. Lets hope all this talk does materialize into some wins on the field.

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Readers Comments (9)

  1. RICK

    I like the attitude. Time will tell if they gel.

  2. motz

    with howdy doody at qb there’s no chance

  3. Bobby D

    Nice attitude from the team. Too bad Gordon has a suspension comming up. 4 games unless he appeals. Stop doing stupid stuff people. If you couldn’t get away with it in college why think you can as a pro.

    Funny what you learn over a weekend drinking with the right people.

    • LG

      Bobby D, what did you hear??

  4. jimbob

    Sure the Browns are better than they have been in the last ten years but, we still do not have a proven QB, running game, or a shut down pair of corners. What we do have is edge protection , but not a proven edge rush. Hopefully a 8-8 entertaining season and another draft can point the Browns to the playoffs next year.

  5. D


    • LG

      Lets hope that is the case…..

  6. DeCle

    This is the first of heard of Gordon having a suspension. Google is also unaware of it.

  7. stivmarley

    Congrats LG! An article that is positive.Must make you feel good to write about the upside of things rather than negative. It’s great to see the players making positve statements too. Now, let’s see if the team can win a few more games this year!


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