What does newly drafted Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel do when he has free time? If you guess he would be studying the play-book, you guessed wrong, Manziel went to Vegas to party like it was 1999.

According to the reports Maziel partying his face off and spraying champagne like he just won the Super Bowl, hey maybe he was practicing the spraying of champagne, if he does win the Super Bowl.

The same report says, Manziel rolled into Surrender nightclub at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas just after midnight, ,this is when the volume got turned up all the way.

Manziel was partying with 4 guys and 8 chicks that were smokin’ hot. People at the club reported that Johnny started off with Belvadere vodka, then went to the champagne.

It was when he found Diplo from Major Lazer in the house, things really got out of hand. Maziel is a big fan of Diplo apparently, the two of them went nuts according to reports.

Well, the Browns coaching staff can rest easy now, knowing that if Manziel takes the team to the super bowl, he has the champagne spraying down.

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous

    I dont think its that big of a deal……now if he still doing that type of thing in Week 8……………

  2. Harold Clayton

    What’s the big deal?

  3. JIM V

    REALLY!!! Wow! What great reporting from the Sport Reporters! However, Johnny created this type of “Attention”. Now he’s got it. Next they’ll report on his Bowel Movements! That will give us fans a Sh__ty outlook about him!


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