Joe Banner might be disappointed with the arrest of Jon Sandusky on suspicion of DUI charge, but it is highly unlikely the Browns will be letting him go. When the team was contacted about the Sandusky arrest all they would say is; “We’re aware of the situation and currently working to gather facts,” according to the statement issued by team spokesman Zak Gilbert.

Banner and Sandusky have a long history together. Sandusky spent 9 years in the Philadelphia personnel department before coming to the Cleveland Browns. Banner will have words for Sanduski, but he won’t let him go. Sandusky is responsible for evaluating all college and free agent talent for the Cleveland Browns.

What he was doing in Fargo is anyone’s guess. Sandusky was pulled over for making an illegal turn. It was them when the police suspected he had consumed¬† alcohol. They arrested him after he failed the field sobriety tests.

Sanduski refused to take a blood alcohol test, he was released from jail and is expected to report to court in the future. A hearing for Sandusky has not been scheduled as of yet.

It was 1:50A.M. when Sandusky allegedly crossed three lanes of traffic to make the turn. As the saying goes, nothing good can happen after midnight. Sandusky can attest to that.

Maybe Sandusky was celebrating the fact his Father Jerry Sandusy won’t be getting a new trial.



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Readers Comments (2)

  1. BOBBY D

    SO a guy gets a DUI and you want him fired? Why? Because he works for the browns? If you got a DUI would you have to stop writing? Maybe you should have to at least stop bashing the 1st place Cleveland Browns?

    I don’t understand why people want someone fired because they got a DUI. It is just stupid and they already have to face the consequences from the legal system.

    • LG

      Bobby, I don’t want him to be fired. Heck I think anyone could get a DUI at one time or another. I was saying Banner won’t fire him because he is one of his buddies. Banner seems to have a no tolerance for trouble kind of attitude. But trust me no way I wanted the guy fired. Besides who can blame him for tilting a few back He is the son of Jerry Sandusky and that has to be a huge problem…


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