Could Chip Kelly Come To Cleveland?The Cleveland Browns Joe Banner and Jimmy Haslam III wasting no time when it comes to filling the vacant head coaching spot left open after firing Pat Shurmur on Monday. Reports surfacing say the Browns flew Banner into the Arizona desert to talk to Arizona defensive coordinator Ray Horton too. Lets face it the Browns are after an offensive minded guy to fill the Head Coaching spot. They need a guy that can get the Cleveland Browns offense on the move and that guy could very will be Chip Kelly.

Kelly is not releasing any information about whether he will jump the ship from the Ducks and head into the NFL. Who can blame him? The truth is the Browns are in the front running for Kelly and Jimmy Haslam III has pockets deep enough to make things very interesting. Kelly at the age of 49 would be a great candidate that fits into Halam’s plan to get a guy that would be around for a long time. Haslam has a lot of respect for the Steelers organization who have not had a revolving door policy when it comes to head coaches. Nothing Banner and Haslam III would like better than to get a head coach that would be around for a long period. Whether or not the guy is Chip Kelly remains to be seen.

One thing for certain is, we will not know exactly what has taken place until Banner and Jimmy Haslam III want to make the information public. With all the head coach vacancies in the NFL right now the Browns have to put a great offer on the table to catch the interest of a guy like Chip Kelly. You can bet they will….I’ve heard reports coming from the inside that say the Browns are willing to pay a new head coach 10 million dollars a year. That is a lot of cash to turn and walk away from.

It still remains to be seen if the Chip Kelly Spread Option Offense can be a constant in the NFL even though teams like the Washington Redskins run a slight version of it with RGIII. Lets remember the Browns don’t have an RGIII in the house….

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  1. Leon II

    Kelly’s Spread Option Offense will have to be adapted to the NFL just as Don Coryell and Bill Walsh adapted the Run & Shoot and Shotgun Spread from High School and College into their Air Coryell and WCO offenses. The Seahawks with Wilson and Redskins with RGIII point to the strong possibility he will be able to do this – with the right team. If he can successfully adapt it to the NFL he will be considered the next great offensive innovator of the NFL and bring rings to the team that lands him.

    There are two NFL teams that give him the best chance of doing this successfully based on their current schemes and players – the Browns and Eagles. Therefore, it should be no shock they are the top contenders for his services. Both have been running and recruiting players for similar variants of the WCO that require the same types of talent as the Spread Option Offense. His choice will most likely come down to which he feels gives him the best chance of success and that is players.

    Of all the QBs on the two teams Vick is the best suited but his age and durability is a downside. McCoy and Lewis could see success in the system though probably not at the elite level. Foles is more of a question mark but could be okay in his system. Weeden would be the odd man out though he might (and I stress might) be able to have limited short term success until a more appropriate QB can be drafted. He might have more value though as trade bait. I think the QB situation puts the two team at roughly equal level though I might give a slight edge to the Browns as they have three QBs that have shown enough talent to get some trade value out of least one of them while retaining the other two (but that could be personnel bias).

    When we look at the other skill positions it comes down to proven commodity vs. potential. Many people would give the edge to Philly with their proven elite players but I actually give it to the Browns with their potential. We have more depth and youth is usually more adaptable. I think Kelly will prefer our youth and potential over the Eagles established elite players, who he might not be able to retain as long or be as willing to adapt.

    Ultimately I think it will be the offensive lines that will be the deciding factor. Here the edge clearly goes to the Browns. Our line is younger and quicker and really only needs an upgrade to OG. Philly’s line is old and slow and needs multiple upgrades to be able to have success in Kelly’s system. It will take considerably more time to get it to what Kelly will need.

    • LG

      Leon II I thought Weeden already came out on Monday and said he would not be suited to run that type of offense. That is what Mary K reported in the Cleveland Plain Dealer….So if Kelly were to come to Cleveland,you;re right Weeden is the odd man out….

      • Leon II

        Weeden did state that LG and he is correct. However, Kelly has made do with less mobile QBs as a short-term solution when necessary. Keep in mind his offense is based on a run first, pass second, and QB scramble third option. He uses the spread and athletic guards to open run lanes. To insure they are there he also uses short quick passes to get yards and keep the defense from just stacking the box. When the defense tries to stop the offensive attack in those two area he then either has his QB air it out deep or scramble. Combine his constant adaptation of play calling to exploit what the defense is showing, or not showing, with his ability to change the pace of the game to keep them off guard and it is exciting offense that should. Weeden might remain as a back-up in this system with McCoy or Lewis starting. If both of them pan out in Kelly’s system as franchise starter and back-up, or until a franchise spread option QB is drafted or taken as a free agent (a Newton, RGIII or Wilson type) then Weeden will be gone. From what we have seen out of McCoy and Lewis I think this would be sooner rather then later even though neither may be the a perfect fit for Kelly.

      • Bob

        Saw that LG. Interesting Weeden would come out and say he couldn’t do it. For him to make such a statement already, I think it looks like Kelly will be the new head coach for the Browns. For Weeden to put it out, it’s almost like he is hoping to be traded to a team that prefers a non-running QB statue. Have to say, with the success of mobile quarterbacks RG3, Luck, Wilson & Kaepernick, it looks like more teams will be embracing mobile QBs (even Tebow will probably start next year because of what he did in Denver).

        Guess what Browns fans? You have McCoy who already fits the mold as a mobile QB. As I stated before, we may have all gotten hints that McCoy was going to be the starter next year. Just look at those Road Tested shows and see how many times Colt kept being highlighted. Why else would they keep showing their current back up on a TV show? Now perhaps the only other reason they kept showing Colt was to increase his trade value, but I think he’s staying with the Browns because Haslam & Banner want him because of his mobility. Therefore they are looking for a coach who likes a mobile quarterback. BTW – I say no to Vick. I say they use McCoy for 2013 and if it does not work out, move on.

        I know, it’s all speculation and none of us know which way the wind will blow, but it’s fun trying to figure out.

  2. HEY YA!!!!

    McCoy will get released… He won’t be sticking around trust me…I’d bring In Alex Smith before I’d start McCoy!!!

    • LG

      I ithink you are wrong about that. If Chip Kelly comes here I think McCoy could do very well

    • Bob

      I think you are wrong also. Just watch Road Tested & ask why do they keep showing McCoy “the back up” and ask why in the opening credits every week his #12 jersey is shown and not Weeden’s. Haslam’s wife does that show BTW. Now as I keep saying they could also be giving McCoy the publicity to trade him, but if Kelly is the coach I believe Colt is not going anywhere. Also ask yourself why McCoy did not demand a trade after the 3 stooges (Holmgren/Heckert/Shurmur) lied to him about being the starter this year and had that phony competition + the fact that Shurmur could have killed him by not having his concussion handled properly. Why wasn’t McCoy traded after we all kept hearing McCoy was going to be? Even LG had an article that Haslam was a fan of McCoys. I think Haslam stopped that trade as he bought the team especially after seeing Weeden in preseason.

      • LG

        Are you kidding me Bob, remember one time it may have been right after the Eagles game when Haslam was asked a question and he said the Browns needed a Q.B.. Heck after that game I am surprised anyone in their right mind would give Weeden another start. Oh, wait we had a coach who wasn’t in their right mind……


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