The Cleveland Browns lost to the Buffalo Bills by a score of 33-13 today. What is the problem with the team, some of the fans wonder. How about their owner Jimmy Haslam III?

Haslam learned nothing about winning in the NFL, when he was a minority owner with the Pittsburgh Steelers. You can tell, by all the dumb decisions this guy has made since he has taken ownership of the team.

How in the world did this guy think "Money-Ball" was going to win the NFL is anyone's guess. I wrote about it when he hired people for the front office away from Major League Baseball, and people thought I was nuts.

The fans said, "Give it a chance". So I've been silent most of this season, and I still can't see how money ball is going to help the Cleveland Browns win. The only think Haslam seems to be worried about, is lining his pockets with the money he keeps from being under the salary cap.

There is only one team to go 0-16 in the NFL. It happened with the Detroit Lions  back in 2008. The Browns have only 2-games left this season, and I don't see how they can win even one of them. They take on the San Diego Chargers nest Saturday and then their last game of the season is against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who beat the Browns 24-9 on November 20th.

The Steelers are 9-5 on the season and they picked up their 9th win by beating the Bengals today.

I'm beginning to wonder if the problem with the Browns is the owner. It's obvious Haslam knows nothing about building a winning football team, and his ideas of how to get there aren't even getting him close.

The Browns haven't won a football game since December 13th, 2015. This give the team 21-loses in a row if you count the 4 preseason games. Every move Haslam has made with this team, has bitten him and the fans right in the behind.

Someone needs to sit Jimmy down and tell him he is going about this completely wrong. From the draft to trading the players, Jimmy Haslam III and his front office people have been completely shut out.

Because of his mistakes, it now looks as though the Browns will be completely shut out this season. How long is it going to take to build a winning football team in Cleveland. The Browns are approaching 2-decades folks.

I've never seen anything like this. Yet the people spend their hard earned money on supporting the team. All you're doing is helping Haslam line his pockets folks. Remember, this guy didn't even use all his own money to buy the Browns.

Never before in the NFL has a purchase been made like this, and never before in the NFL have  I seen results like the Cleveland Browns have produced.......

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