Jimmy Haslam II had to see enough of ShurmurThe 5 and 10 Cleveland Browns have proven to their new owner Jimmy Haslam III and the rest of us that they are not a very good football team under the Pat Shurmur regime. The Browns looked terrible the past two weeks taking a beating from the Washington Redskins and the Denver Broncos. Not only did the Broncos beat the Browns 34-12 yesterday, they probably ended the 2012 season for both of the Browns 1st round draft picks. Brandon Weeden went down with a shoulder injury and running back Trent Richardson left late in the game with a left ankle injury. It isn’t know the exact extent of either injury at this time. The Browns may have to face the Pittsburgh Steelers with back up quarterback Colt McCoy making his first start of the 2012 season.

The Browns new owner has to find a way to turn things in for his Browns. The team is loaded with some talented players that haven’t been used properly by the current head coach. The Browns offense is ranked 31st in the red zone and Shurmur could not find the end zone on the Browns first drive again yesterday. The team came out and looked like a football team until they reached the red zone. They drove the ball to the 9 yard line and settled for a field goal. You aren’t going to beat the Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos settling for field goals.

The only touchdown Haslam saw his Browns score was win Colt McCoy led the team down the field and found Greg Little for the score. McCoy has not thrown a pass all season until this game. It is very unlikely that he gets a lot of snaps with the Browns 1st team during the week. Now with only one game left this season the Browns head to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers for their season finale. Jimmy Haslam III would like nothing better than to travel into Pittsburgh and come away with his teams second win over the Steelers this season. Can that happen with Pat Shurmur as the team’s head coach? You tell us……Leave your comments below….

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Readers Comments (11)

  1. Anonymous

    F&^k no! Fire his ass! So tired of this bullshit! Can we please get a coach and quarterback worth something next year. Browns fans have endured enough! Thanks

    • Kevin831

      Browns suck, just like their fans.

      • Ryan Ruchty

        Wow really! The fans for Cleveland suck. You must have hit your head really really hard. The Cleveland Browns have one of the biggest followings in Football. We have a Cleveland Browns Backer in every state in the United States and several in Europe. Even though the Browns aren’t very good this year they have made strides and we can see the team getting better. There is a lot of talent on this football team. The coach needs to go, and the QB needs to go.

        Take your comment and shove it. At least we are loyal to our team and don’t jump on the bandwagon. Sounds like you are the type to do that a lot.

  2. Andrew Najdovski

    I was saying he needed to be fired all year he is not a head coach at all he looks confused most of the time and he is a terrible play caller! Also I find it funny that Colt McCoy led us to our only touchdown of the game they should have played Colt all year. Maybe he’s not a lot better but I would rather see the ball be punted away then see that many interceptions in one year.

  3. marty

    I was really disappointed in the offensive line in this game.They seemed to fall apart in the 2nd half. Broncos did look tough,I can’t take anything away from them. I hoped for Colt to play better, he’s human, he had rust on him.The first series with him on the third down play. He never lifted his head. I wonder if it was the play to run up the middle.Several fans had said we need a cornerback. I don’t care for Shrine and Sheldon, his best games are behind him.The game plan was poorly prepared and it showed.Manning is a master,but they should of played better.Massaqua, should be cut, not for his ability, for his durability. We can’t have part-time players.I’m happy that Little has turned that corner,he improved steadily.This game Denver won both sides of the trenches.There is something more we don’t know. The intensity of the Browns wasn’t there. The injuries this week shouldn’t of been that detremental to the team.There is more than a poor game plan.

  4. BadBrad1072

    Kevin…Now, Now…You must be A Steelers fan who had finally realized that the regime is over. Now go stuff your fat ass with beer and roast and take your beatings this weekend… Shlop

  5. RB

    Merry Christmas everyone. We still have alot of needs, and the list becomes more obvious as the season is nearing an end: We need an offense that is unpredictable. We need to be more consistent in running the ball. Needs to be more balance in rushing/running plays. We need a defensive back. We need a pass rush. We either need an offense that caters to the strength of the QB playing and/or we need a new QB. The team is more talented than last year, that is a given, yet I doubt Heckert will be around at this time on December 31st. Who they pick as gm and head coach will speak volumes as what to expect from the Haslam regime. Rumors of offering 100 million for a headcoach will not necessarily solve the Brown’s problems. Money was never a problem with Lerner. Many people said the Browns failed because of Lerner’s lack of hands on ownership. At the time of their hirings, many of the Browns’ picks as head coach, gm, etc were lauded as great choices. But too often the great choices fail to pan out. Jerry Jones with his hands on style of team ownership has continued to hinder the cowboys. They have been more competitive than the Browns, but people don’t want competitive. They want a championship. If rumors turn into truths and the likes of Lombardi and McDaniels make it into the Browns organization, it is unlikely that improvement will be seen next year. It is also more likely that improvement will not be seen with the next 5 years either.

  6. Dan Bienko

    I keep hearing Saban and McDumbarse. How about Bruce Arians, a man who went into an impossible situation with a possib ly terminally ill head coach, a rookie QB, and a young team. What did he do, take them to the playoffs. He tailored the offense to Luck and motivated a young team and taught them how to win. They started off slow but are finishing, “finishing” being the key word well. I would rather take a chance on a man like Arians who has proved that he can do the job, where as somwone like Saban who’s heart may not be in it and McDumbarse who does not have the maturity to get it done.

    • Leon II

      Amen. Just say no to a Lombardi plus Saban or McCaniels combo. None of them have proven they can be successful in the positions they are being considered for in the NFL – as a matter of fact they have demonstrated the opposite. I have no objection to Bruce Arians though and his 23 years of experience. As RB Coach for KCC in the early 90s he helped build the team to a yearly playoff contenders. He then had success again as QB Coach with the Indianapolis Colts in Peyton Manning’s first three seasons. He was then the Browns Offensive Coordinator for the 2002 season (and the less successful following year). He then moved onto Pittsburgh first under Cowher as WR Coach moving to OC in 2007-2011. You can’t doubt that he can be a winning Head Coach after serving most this season as the Colts interim. Sure he has had bad seasons and he has made mistakes this season, but he seems to learn from them quickly and I can’t find an instance of him making the same one consistently. I would rather see someone with a bit better proven track record in the NFL like Arians rather then a “could be great but failed so far as Head Coach” in the NFL type like Saban and McDaniels.

  7. RB

    I’d be okay with Arians, but I am still Leary of Lombardi. Not sure of who else they would go with to replace Heckert.

  8. joe t

    seems to me that the flaw with the west coast system is that the offensive coordinator is not calling the offensive plays.


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