Jimmy Donovan Says it could be McCoy in Kelly Offense Jimmy Donovan the voice of the Cleveland Browns calls in from the Chip Kelly negotiations to say that it would be Browns Veteran Quarterback Colt McCoy that would fit the Chip Kelly offense, not Brandon Weeden. McCoy ran this kind of offense in Texas and it could be McCoy taking back the starting quarterback role for the Cleveland Browns. Lets not forget that when Haslam III bought the Cleveland Browns he made it known that he liked Colt McCoy. To make matters a bit worse for Brandon Weeden, both Chip Kelly and Colt McCoy share the same agent.

Kelly has been the head coach of the Oregon Ducts for the last four years, he has to know what Colt McCoy did in Texas and he had to like the kid. The deal to bring Kelly to Cleveland keeps getting nearer to completion. Reports all indicate the only thing left to do is for Kelly to sign the contract. Unless something extreme were to happen it looks like Kelly will be the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns and with this change at the top, Colt McCoy would be given every opportunity to be the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback.

The way Jimmy Donovan was talking just minutes ago on the Channel 3 news live from Arizona, he was almost certain that Colt McCoy would become the Browns starting quarterback in 2013.  There are a lot of indicators pointing in the direction of Colt McCoy. Weeden could very will be left out in the cold. Many fans felt as though McCoy wasn’t given a fair shot in the Shurmur game plan. That is about to change. McCoy looks to have the edge now Not Brandon Weeden….

A short time ago, I wrote an article questioning the shoulder injury McCoy was said to suffer at the end of the Denver Broncos game. It could very well have been Banner and Jimmy Haslam III that didn’t want Colt to play in Shurmur’s last game. They saw the way Shurmur left his guys out to dry in Denver and probably didn’t want McCoy hurt before the got the new coach.

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