NAAFS Fight Night In the Flats IX was held last night at the Nautical Pavilion in the flats.  The night started off humid but you soon forgot about it when the first fight started.

Sammy Callari 3-1 from Griffon Rawl vs Izzy William 4-1 from Evolve MMA in 155lb Division

Both fighters came out of their corners ready to battle.  They exchanged punches; Izzy’s punches looked like they did a lot of damage when landed.  Izzy took Sammy to the ground and both fighters had each other in a leg lock.  The ref stood them up then they started to exchanges punches again.  Izzy landed a solid blow that brought Sammy down and Izzy finished with a series of punches.  Refer stopped the fight at 2:12 into the 2nd round.

Izzy Williams defs Sammy Callari TKO


Ethan McGee 5-2 from Vision MMA vs Jerrell Hodge 7-1 from Evolve MMA in the 145lb Division

Straight out of the gate Jerrell tries to take down Ethan but doesn’t succeed at first. They exchange punches and end up on the ground with Jerrell in top position until the bell.  The second round started off the same Jerrell trying techniques and Ethan defending them.  Jerrell was on his way to a crucifix postion when the ref stood them up.  They exchanged a few punches and tied up on the cage until the bell rang.  During the start of the third round, Jerrell again took down Ethan and worked his way into a full mount.  Ethan gave up his back but kept his chin down till the bell rang.

Jerrell Hodge def Ethan McGee with a unanimous decision


Mike Schimek 6-2 from Western NY Self Defense vs Dave Lastafka 6-1 from Strong Style Fight Team in the 185lb Division

Both fighters came out swinging and Dave landed the knock out blow that put Mike on his back and Dave finished with punches when the ref stopped the fight

Dave Lastafka def Mike Schimek :12 in the 1st round TKO dues to strikes


AJ Dobson 4-0 from Team Carlson Gracie vs Josh Lasich 6-1 from Evolve MMA in the 170lb Division

As soon as the fight started you could see the wrestling and ground experience both fighters had. AJ took down Josh and worked into a reverse triangle but Josh got out.  Each fighter worked but Josh had positioned himself to get AJ into a triangle but could get there because the bell rang.  In the second round the fighters showed that they also had stand up in their game.  They exchanged punches until Josh landed a solid blow and then took AJ down to the ground.  AJ was on his back working to secure a triangle but Josh was defending it.  The ref stood them back on their feet but that didn’t last long because they were back on the ground with AJ in top position until the bell rang.  In the third round, they came out throwing punches again.  Josh tried to take down AJ but AJ ended up in top position.  Josh work in a reverse triangle but AJ defend it and got out.  They ended up back on their feet and exchanged blows.  Josh tried to take down AJ a few times but AJ defended until the bell rang.

AJ Dobson defs Josh Lasich  unanimous decision


Darryl Davis 5-2 Independent vs RJ Buck 9-4 from Strong Style Fight Team in the 145lb Division

In the first round, RJ takes down Darryl and delivers hammer fists, knees and Darryl defends skillfully until the bell rings.  In the second round, RJ charges Darryl and picks him up and slams him down and tries to submit Darryl but Darryl refused.  In the third round,  RJ takes Darryl down again and ground and pounds until the ref stops the fight.

RJ Buck def Darryl Davis TKO due to strike 1:28 sec in the 3rd round

Now for the pro fighters!!

Ray Lopez 11-4 from Xtreme MMA vs Max Grishin 14-6 from Strong Style Fight Team in the 205lb Division

Fighters came out with exchanges of punches and elbows.  Max takes down Ray and works into a rear naked choke.

Max Grishin def Ray Lopez  4:25 in the 1st round

Chris Curtis 13-6 from Vision MMA vs Forrest Petz 25-9 from Strong Style Fight Team in the 185lb Division

This fight was the farewell fight for Forrest Petz and what a fight.  During all three rounds the fighters exchanged punches with calculated punches and very good defense of bobbing and weaving.  All fans appreciated the techniques and excitement this fight provided.

Forrest Petz def Chris Curtis by unanimous decision

Brian Camozzi 5-0 from Factory X vs George Comer 11-1 from Griffon Rawl in the 155lb Division

The fight started off with George taking down Brian and dominating in the top position until the bell rang.  The second round started off the same but Brian reversed postion.  George worked his way back into top position. In the third round George dominated in top position until the bell rang.

George Comer def Brian Camozzi by unanimous decision

Terry Blackwell 8-1 from Instigator Fight Team vs Torrence Taylor 12-7 from Rising Dragon MMA in the 155lb Division for the title

Terry comes out the punches and Torrence answers with kicks.  While Torrence throws a combination of punches with kicks, Terry only throws one technique at a time.  During the second round, both fighters come out with punches and kicks.  Terry’s nose is bleeding.  Torrence take down Terry and throws some elbows and then the bell rings.  In the 3rd round Terry comes out more determined but Torrence keeps pushing with calculated punches and kicks.  Terry pins Torrence against the cage.  Torrence shoulder checks Terry and both fighters exchanges knees to the body.  Torrence landed a knee to the face of Terry.

Torrence Taylor defs Terry Blackwell by TKO due to strikes 4:27 in the 4th round

Hector Urbina 17-8-1 from ATT/Team El Toro vs Nick Duell 21-6-1 from Strong Style Fight Team for the title in the 170lb Division

Hector comes out with punches and takes down Nick twice but Nick brings back to standing.  Hector pinned Nick to the cage but Nick wouldn’t have it.  It looks like Nick slips on the mat and fall and Hector takes advantage and ends up in top position.  In the second round, the fighters comes out swinging.  Hecto goes for the take down and grounds and pounds.  Ref time out to check cut on Nick’s head.  Fighters resume positions and continues.  Hector continues with blows to Nick while on the ground.  Ref stop fight.

Hecto Urbina def Nick Duell  3:35 in the 2nd rd by TKO due to strikes

Carina Damm Goncalves 15-8 from ATT/Sapo Fight Team vs Jessica Eye 14-1 from Strong Style Fight Team in the 125 lbs Division

Jessica comes out looking determined,  the girls exchange leg kicks.  Jessica uses combinations of punches and kicks.  Carina knees Jessica in the face but Jessica pushs forward with punches.  Jessica land solid punches.  As the rain starts to enter the ring, the mat gets slippery.  Carina tried a spinning back fist and misses.  Jessica grabs Carina leg during a kick and end up against the cage till the bell ring.  Carina comes out of the second round with kick to Jessica and Jessica answers with punches.  Carina throws a kick to Jessica’s head and falls but gets back up quickly.  Jessica kicked Carina who catches it and takes it to the ground until the bell rings.  In the third round, both fighters exchange punches and kicks and elbows.

Jessica Eye def Carina Damm Goncalves by unanimous decision

Written by Bobby Friend , Bobby Friend is a former MMA fighter and a reporter for CS360, he covers the UFA & MMA . Bobby Friend is also a personal trainer that helps train people who are trying to break into the world of MMA fighting. You can follow Bobby on facebook by clicking here.







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