The Browns don’t seem to be losing any respect among the odds makers. The team switched quarterbacks this week as they prepare to take on the Kansas City Chiefs, the last undefeated team in the NFL this season. The Browns will start Jason Campbell who will face the fierce Chiefs pass rush.

Campbell is a seasoned veteran who has started 72 times in his 8 year career. The 31-year-old Campbell is far more mobile than Weeden. The veteran has faced tough pass rushes before and he was able to survive, that is more than we can say about Weeden who always choked facing pressure.

The fans are hoping Campbell can stay healthy long enough to finish the season. The last thing Cleveland fans need is to see Weeden taking the field again. Some fans are praying that Campbell stays in good health.

The Browns offense has to make a better showing this week than we saw previously. Cleveland needs to keep their defense off the field. Campbell is looking forward to this opportunity to help right he ship in Cleveland. He knows this team needs to fire on all cylinders this week if they expect to return to Cleveland with a win.

Campbell is hoping he can spark the other offensive players who had a look of dejection on their faces in Green Bay last week.

I wouldn’t count this Browns team out just yet. WE saw first hand how this team could perform once they replaced Weeden in the backfield with a quarterback who actually understood the game of football. The Cleveland Browns may just upset the Chiefs on Sunday,handing Andy Reid and his boys their first loss of the season.

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Readers Comments (15)

  1. AL

    They need to keep Weeden in the locker room just seeing him on the sideline is bad luck the boys snake bit !!!!

    • LG

      You’re right

  2. Big Duke

    If the Browns decide to trade Josh Gordon, they have to figure out a way to package the deal to include Weeden, along with his salary. Before doing so, the Browns need to put some lipstick on the pig to spruce Weeden up a bit and make him presentable, if at all possible.

    • LG

      Hey who in their right mind would take Weeden? Holmgren still in Football? Thought he was going to take a job in Raiders front office but I didn’t hear if he did.

      • Big Duke

        LG, sssshhhhhhh!!!! We need to keep this top secret. There could still be a few NFL teams unaware that Weeden is the chump of all chumps.

        ….but (crying) maybe the entire NFL already knows this about Weeden. :-(

        Hopefully there will be a team desparate enough in their quest to make the playoffs and who also has a coach that thinks he’s way smarter than everyone else, so much so, he thinks he can turn Weeden into an NFL QB (laughing hysterically) e.g. Patriots.

  3. marty

    I’m glad they benched weedon. I expect a good showing by our defense. Jason, I could only hope for a half decent effort. It takes a lot of work to get the timing down. He will be rusty.Being a QB just doesn’t happen in one week. We can only hope the ball bounces our way and the officials are given glasses.

  4. Big Duke

    LG, I haven’t heard anything lately re: Holgren going to the Raiders for a front office job. Living in Seattle, people tend to keep up on former players and coaches, but thankfully Holmgren’s been off the radar screen. The only time he recently popped on the screen was back in late September when he went public to criticize the Browns trade of Trent Richardson to Indy.

    Instead of Holmgren going to the Raiders, it would be nice for him to join either the Ravens, Steelers or Bengals, so he plant his magic “implosion seeds” with one of those teams before he re-re-retires again. Then a few years from now, as these implosion seeds begin to sprout and turn into bountiful harvests, we can sit back and watch one of those teams go into a FULL THROTTLE NOSEDIVE through a series of inept drafts and incompetent trades while under his leadership. Holmgren is the gift that keeps on giving!!

    • LG

      I searched and I don’t think he is in football at all. So, he isn’t wanted.

    • David

      LOL. Funny and spot on at the same time. If Sgt. Schultz did join either the Squeelers, the Rat-Birds, or the Bungles, then here is what might happen; fire Mike Tomlin, John Harbaugh, or Marvin Lewis(depending on what team he’d join)and once again hire his late best buddy’s nephew(Corporal Clueless). That way, we should get at least two guranteed division wins a year. Of course, assuming we no longer have Weeden.

      • David

        P.S. I am just making a hypothetical case here. Just wishful thinking.

  5. Jim V

    hey LG, do you remember how our team looked when they took the field when they knew hoyer was going to start? I truly believe that Sunday we will see that come back to the team. I would think it will be difficult for Campbell to shake off some of the rust that he accumulated standing on the sidelines. However, I believe we will see a different Browns team this Sunday! They may not win the game. But I believe with a good attitude, and little prayer said could be able to play do their best and back to believing they can win. We just might see a game like the ones with Hoyer!. We have some good players on our team and they just might have the attitude that they can make Kansas City seven wins and one loss! I believe it’s going to be fun to watch! P.S. You misspelled a word! LOL you didn’t think I’d let you off without a little grief before the game? But I am still president of your fan club!

    • LG

      I agree, the Browns looked bummed out in Green Bay. The players know Weeden Sucks I just hope they don’t let him close to the field. I hope Campbell stays healthy and doesn’t get hurt.

  6. Jim V

    I’m not as well connected as you LG. But I think most NFL owners know how he (Holmgern)screwed the Browns! I would suspect he’s not high on anyone’s employment list!

  7. Jim V

    LG there was something I forgot to mention that coach Sam said last Sunday night. When is coach Chud going to get “mad?” Can you possibly imagine. Coaches like Lombardi, Brown, Cowler Or any of the other great coaches not getting mad as hell, with Weeden,( of course we know he would not have played for them) or other players, without him getting mad sometimes. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the great ones would’ve had a donkey barbecue ( ass chewing)!

    • LG

      Coach Sam also said Weeden should go back to baseball…..LMAO


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