When the Browns signed Jason Campbell last week it brought back some memories. First was the memories of the hit Scott Fujita and Chris Gocong laid on Campbell that broke Campbell’s collarbone that ended his season in 2011. Before that hit Campbell was off to a solid start, he led the Raider to a 4-2 record that year.

Campbell left the Raiders with a winning season, he was 11-7 as the starter in Oakland. How great would it be if the Browns could get off to a 4-2 record in the up-coming NFL season? How good would it be if the Browns had a quarterback with a winning record after a season?

A winning record would mean the Browns would finish the season at the minimum of 9-7.  The Cleveland Browns signed Campbell and we heard the guy has what it takes to compete for the starter role. Campbell isn’t coming to the Cleveland Browns to stand on the side lines and hold a clip-board.

He wants a shot at starting and he is going to get one. Cleveland didn’t go out and sign this guy just to be a back-up quarterback. He is coming to Cleveland to compete and he has something to prove to everyone.

Jason Campbell has more experience playing in the NFL than both McCoy and Weeden added together. Campbell has played professional football since he was drafted in the first round of the 2005 NFL draft by the Washington Redskins.

When Washington drafted Campbell the team’s head coach was a guy by the name of Joe Gibbs. He knew a few things about football and he knew a few things about winning football games too. He thought enough of Jason Campbell to draft him in the first round of the draft. He thought Campbell would win in the NFL.

Now that the Browns have a new coaching staff and new front office personnel in place, they must think Campbell wan help the Browns win too. Campbell has experience and he has a strong-arm and the ability to scramble.

Today is the first day that Browns players are allowed back into the facility in Berea. It is going to be interesting to see how the Campbell transition to the Browns evolves. I think the Browns have some hopes of seeing what this guy can do. They are paying him 3.75 million dollars for a reason. They are paying him to get some wins on the board.


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Readers Comments (22)

  1. RICK

    LG, I believe he has a chance to start. At least he might get a fair shot at it and if he’s hungry enough for it he might get it. I don’t care who gets it if they are playing well. Let the competition begin. It should be interesting at least.

    • LG


  2. Kevin

    Jason Campbell is 31-40 for his career, tha is hardly a winning record.

    • LG

      He was 4-2 when he went down with the injury that is the winning record and I think it is in the article too….

      • Kevin

        True, but overall his record is pretty much awful and that is what you need to look at, not just a snippet.

        • LG

          Kevin, with all due respect I talked to former NFL players. They all say the same thing about Weeden. They said it will take 3-4 for him to developed into a decent NFL Q.B. Point being maybe Campbells 3-4 years was up when he was injured….Maybe he was finally coming into his own.

          • Kevin

            LG, with all due respect as well,he is already 30, by the time those 3-4 years are up Weeden will be thirty four and in the decline of his career, we cannot wait for him to develop.

          • LG

            Point and case exactly.

      • ABrown

        Even .437 is better than .313 or .250 which are the Browns’ most typical records since 1999.

        What may be even better is that he knows how to look at the normal range of receivers in a pro style offense and make a quick enough decision to throw to one of them before it’s too late for the play to work.

        We saw last year what happens when we simplified down to using the Oklahoma State offense in the NFL — the part where there’s only one main receiver target and a check down and the QB only looks at one-half of the field.

  3. Dave

    Eather way the Browns benfit, if Weeden Starts it will because he steped up and Campbel will have done his job, if Campbell starts its because he beat out the competition and we benefit, so I see it as a win-win.

    • LG

      Dave, thanks for the read and the comment. I just hope we win this season…

      • Dave


  4. Dave

    LG, also NFL Sunday Ticket, is getting awful expensive to keep watching a poor product, as I have moved out of Cleveland to the SC area several years ago.

    • LG

      Dave, I hope to be joining you in that state soon myself. Hilton Head area would be great. I’ll be on Hilton Head the week of June 22nd.

      • Dave

        I live 30-35 min ride from Hilton Head. in the Beaufort area, I love it down here, never going back up north if I can help it, lol enjoy Hilton Head, also there is a browns backers club/bar/restraunt
        on Hilton Head.

        • LG

          Lets meet there and have a drink. I had a condo on HHI and then I had a house on Eagles point golf course too in Bluffton just off the Island. I sold it when my wife was Ill and then she passed and I haven’t been back to HHI in 7 years this will be the 1st trip back

          • Dave

            Sounds like a plan, keep in touch as time gets closer we can arrange it.

          • LG

            Keep coming back and leaving comments and I will stay in touch….LOL do you play golf?

          • Dave

            I do just not real well, lol

  5. Dave

    LG, well it looks like your boy Mc Coy is outa here, headed to 49rs, thats the rumor anyway.

    • LG

      No rumor it is the truth he will get a ring before weeden

  6. Dave

    Maybe, but the window for winning one is very small 2-3 yrs max, may have just closed on the 49rs. but at least he is with his buddy Phil.


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