Jason Campbell comes into the 2013 season with the Cleveland Browns, showing that he can be a capable starting quarterback. Reportedly, he has out-played Brandon Weeden at the quarterback position for the Browns.

Campbell brings 7 years of experience to the Browns. Something they haven’t had in years at the quarterback position.¬† Campbell is bigger, faster and smarter when to comes to NFL football than Weeden.

Jason Campbell wants a chance to prove he can get it done,this far in the mini camps and Browns practices he is doing just that. If the Browns had to pick a guy to start now, they would have to pick Campbell.

He is not going to sit back and settle for a back up role. If the Browns are seriously going to put the best guy at quarterback into the starting position, they have to go with Campbell based on the performances they have seen this far.

It is understandable why Campbell can out shine Weeden. He has a long history of understanding different offensive schemes in the NFL. He understands how to read a defense and he understands what the quarterbacks role is in the NFL.

The Cleveland Browns have to turn things around this season. The team is young and they need to go out and play competitive football. If Campbell give the team a better chance to do this, they have to go with him.

Reports have Campbell showing a very strong arm and completing passes all over the field in practice with good accuracy. Something else we haven’t seen out of Weeden this far. The team needs to produce more than 5 wins this year. The fans deserve it.

Steve Doerschuk¬† from the Canton Repository has been covering Browns football for a while, had this to say about the Browns practice session. “It was a glimpse of why Campbell might really be in the hunt to take the job from Weeden.”


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  1. Bob

    Hey I read that article too buddy.You left out a few key lines like “I’m sure it has something to do with a 9 year veteran going against a second string defense”….If your going to copy off REAL sports writers you should probably tell their whole story not just just fashion it to the way you want it.Get over your hate and quit reaching because its making you sound unprofessional and at times laughable.”Lg the voice if Cleveland sports” LMFAO you bottom feed off successfull writers stories !be a leader in your profession not a follower.Weeden will start and he will either win or lose.Get over it and move on.Start talking about other position battles and how the rookies look or just quit all together.

    • LG

      Hey Bob, the only thing weeden better start is packing his stuff for the trip out of Cleveland. And referencing a writers article is not bottom feeding is called contributing to the story….

      • Bob

        Your not contributing to his story…your taking bits and pieces to what suits you.You need to face facts and educate yourself.I am not sold on Brandon Weeden but I’m not against him.its to early to tell.I am a Browns Fan.You don’t know how good the dude can be….Remember P.Manning’s first year?!?!?One more thing the Browns staff have installed Oklahoma state reads and verbiage to scheme to Brandon’s strengths..hmmm sounds like he’s got the keys brother.Admit when your wrong if he plays respectable this year and I might get a little respect for you as a writer.

        • LG

          The Browns staff would have to make the offense stupid in order for Weeden to understand it. His football IQ sucks….

          • dan dyer

            …but it’s not near as bad as your journalistic IQ!

          • LG

            It is worse

    • bobg

      Are you telling me that other players on on the field wow!!!You wouldn’t know it from Negative Nancy here.Nancy here lost all credibility with his ignorant Tom Cousineau article.

    • Bob

      This comment is not from “Bob” (Me in the Fall) Imposter!

      Dear Imposter Bob – Get a life along with you and your other “buddies” who gang up on this writer continually. Are you part of the gang that discusses this writer on other blogs and then come to this blog to harass this writer and pick apart his articles as a hobby because you suffer from a bad case of “Weeden will be the starter because he needs a chance” ??? Weeden got his chance. You and your “buddies” are delusional and can’t handle the truth that Weeden sucks by NFL standards. Weeden is slow and can’t read defenses or the playbook well. Face it. No other NFL team would have drafted Weeden in the 1st round last year. He was next to last in QBR stats for 2012. He got chance after chance and still did not grasp the playbook. The NFL moves fast now with personnel (except for the Jets and Cowboys), so I don’t want to read about Aikman & Manning’s first years and other excuses for Weeden. And Weeden will never be an Aikman or Manning.

      New regime wants Campbell or Hoyer for now. Weeden will be working the 3rd string squad very soon. He will be at home on Sundays watching the Browns on TV. Face it. Bringing in Hoyer sealed the fate for Weeden.

      * From here out my new name is moretouchdowns226.

      • bobg

        Bob Its my name stupid.Maybe when the writer, and I use the term writer loosely can write one positive thing.Its all in Negative Nancy’s hands.And I could give a rats ass if Weeden is the starter or third string or not even here

        • moretouchdowns226

          “Stupid” ??? One always knows when they are winning a debate. The one who is wrong starts name calling FIRST.

          If you paid attention to this writer in the past, he does write positive things when there is something positive to say about this loser team.

          Ever hear of sentence structure? Punctuation? Is your comma key broken? Hey Stupid. How do you like insults?

          • bobg

            nobody likes a grammar Nazi.Idont care if u insult me or not.I don’t even consider it an insult.And the positive article like the tom cousineau article?
            That was very positive.Shows this author’s true colors

          • LG

            Hey the Tom Cousineau article was a direct result of the times we are living in presently. I can’t help it if you don’t get it. The article was born with the coming out of Jason Collins in the NBA as gay. I just happened to have a talk with a former Browns great who still remains Un-Named and he laughed about the big deal made out of Collins coming out and brought up Tom Cousineau….

      • superdouche

        hey dummie he is the best rookie browns qb ever do you see that THE BEST ROOKIE STATS OF ANY CLEVELAND BROWNS QB EVER can ya read that now? shut it and stop trying to prop up your fellow writer lg he is a wash and should prolly attend some current tech school to get up to date with his writing skills and make up his own stories other than feeding off of what some other ftard has already written get your own words pal and refer to my first paragraph his articals stink and he should go make fries somwhere

        • moretouchdowns226

          “Hey dummie”? “Shut it” – Nice example of a typical Browns fan in denial. You “Pal” are classless.

          One always knows when they are winning a debate. The one who is wrong starts name calling FIRST.

          Here’s a tip – Check you grammer and spelling AND sentence structure. Maybe then you can move on from the 2nd grade.

          • bobg

            You spelled grammar wrong weed bag.
            HA HA HA HA HA HA what a dip

          • moretouchdowns226

            Bobg. Oh, I mean Spelling Nazi. What a troll. What is a “haveturned” ???? You wrote that below along with your other poorly written responses. Also, ever heard of putting a space after a period or question mark? Should I call you “stupid” now like you responded to me? You started the name calling, then as predicted you can’t take it.

            HA HA HA HA HA HA what a dip!

          • LG

            He called you a Weed-Bag…. Is that the same thing as a Zip-Lock baggie???

          • moretouchdowns226

            I was thinking Weed Bag would be a good nickname for Weeden supporters. Which as you know, I am NOT a supporter of that 3rd string QB.

          • LG

            You’re right….

      • bobg

        HOYER HOYER? Never heard s much love and press for a 4th stringer.

        • moretouchdowns226

          What is an “s” bobg?

          HA HA HA HA HA HA what a dip! What a Weed Bag?

          What is a Weed Bag? A delusional Weeden fan full of hot air. A Weeden fan who feels they can write good comment by beginning their comments with insults to those who disagree with them about their hero Weeden.

          You see, a Weed Bag does not realize that they can disagree and debate effectively without childish insults. Too bad. I for one respect Weeden supporters opinions who bring up points to defend Weeden without childish insults.

          I know bobg, is not sold on Weeden per his post, so he is not a full Weed Bag. But he does suffer from similar symptoms of a Weed Bag.

          • moretouchdowns226

            Meant to put the word “a” before “good”. and a ” ‘ ” after “supporters”

            Had to clarify for the Spelling Nazi.

  2. Javis Basknight

    You title your article as Campbell is outplaying Weedon, yet you didn’t attend the OTA and your proof is “reportedly” from a source. Following Mary Kay Cabot’s school of sports reporting?

    So other than your source what other Browns staff or writer has said Campbell going with the second team has out-performed Weeden?

  3. superdouche

    every day i,m forced to look at the garbage you post you didn’t mention the first 2 days he was fantastic and had an off day your nothing more than a weeden hater and that’s all there is to it you spew garbage you pick up from other weeden haters period so lets make this very clear for you one more time because its obvious your not getting it campbell was brought it to be the back up hes not making shit no one else wanted him and he was willing to play any where he could for next to nothing hes a back up and a veteran who is there to mentor weeden he said it in his own interview he said he knew what his role is ans whats sad is you don’t weeden is the starting qb and that’s it i,m going to laugh my balls off when he makes you look even more silly when you have to admit you were wrong because your just a hater your no browns fan your simply a paid pot stir the only controversy is your inability to know what the hell is really going on

    • LG

      Let me make this clear for you…….Weeden sucks Campbell going to be the starter…..Mark it down….

      • dan dyer

        you made they same statement about McCoy when this new FO took over and they shipped him out ASAP…..stop blushing

  4. marty

    Bob, you’re right. 2nd string defense, but 2nd string offense. LG, I hate to say this, but you write a article that was expected. Weedon doesn’t have the tools or the heart for the game. Write an article why is Browns management waiting for a QB change. Even if campbell outplays weedon. Weedon will start.Browns weak point will be the secondary and Weedon. It will be game 4 or 5 before a change. I can’t judge campbell, and I won’t try to until I see for myself how he fits. I can judge Weedon, he hasn’t change from what I expected of him. I’m optimistic about Richardson. He hasn’t been a game changer, I will not buy the ribs problem.It’s something about him that tells me he does have the talent.LG, I like to know what the players think. They know their weakness areas, they can’t be happy about Weedon.

    • LG

      I think they make a change before the season starts, especially if Weeden plays like crap in the pre-season.

  5. Bob Magoo

    This is unbelievably idiotic. There is an absolutely minimal body of evidence thus far (or, as you idiotically say instead, “this far”) To say that he has outplayed Weeden enough totake over as starting QB based on a few practices is absurdly moronic and short-sighted.

  6. pbohara

    You have had a hard on for Brandon Weeden for longer than 4 hours, and you should call your doctor.

    • LG


  7. 1stAnubiis

    Ok I saw were he played better than Weeden one day out of three not the entire OTA. You do love your controversy don’t you? That and the fact that he has what, six years in the league over Weeden? Since he has not totally knocked it out of the park I think we should look at his one day of success with a grain of salt. I’m glad to know that both are doing well, but its still looks like its Weeden’s job to lose.

    • LG

      The Browns coaches and front office really have no love loss for Weeden. They brought in Campbell and I think he has the edge because he has a batter football IQ than Weeden…

  8. Buckeye1717

    There was one practice open to the media this week. One. This post is ridiculous. No way Weeden doesn’t open the season as starter. If Campbell starts at all, it will just be buying time until they find a new QB. Weeden is the only one in the mix for the long-term job.

    • LG

      Long term job??? The guy is 30 years old. He has a bad throwing shoulder that is from pitching in the minor leagues and he already missed the last game of last season because of a shoulder injury. How long do you think he has????

      • Anonymous

        I agree with LG. If Campbell plays better let him start. Weeden hasn’t shown anything to this point. He is actually getting too much credit to be the starter. He sacked himself last year and had 17 picks. If he can’t protect the football he has to sit. Bottom line. Nice article LG

        • LG


  9. moretouchdowns226

    (formally “Bob” from fall 2012)

    Bringing in Hoyer and signing Hoyer for 2 years speaks volumes about Weeden’s future.

    New regime wants their choice of quarterbacks

    • LG

      Now here is a guy that gets it…..

      • bobg

        If what you say is true why not draft a quarterback?My sources say this coaching staff likes weeden.The front office not so sure about him.

        • LG

          There wasn’t any QB’s worth drafting this year..

          • bobg

            So weeden is better than every qb in the draft his year.Is that what you are saying?Wow you haveturned the corner I think

          • LG

            I do not think I said that at all. I said there wasn’t what people would consider a franchise QB in this years draft. The Browns are sort of stuck with Weeden for now…..

        • moretouchdowns226

          Sources? LMFAO.

          I bet Weeden is shopping for the biggest TV so he can watch the Browns play at home and pretend he is actually at the game.

          Weeden = 3rd string by mid season if not by Game 1.

          • bobg

            Hey I thought that was a term we use here.It makes everything you say true

  10. dan dyer

    McCoy….be careful everyone LG is getting misty eyed and blushing like a school girl! WEEDEN IN 2013…GO BROWNS!

    • moretouchdowns226

      How come the only ones who bring up McCoy first are his haters? It’s like they have a weird infatuation with McCoy. Strange. Just like the 1st grade school girl who keeps punching the boy she likes.

      FYI – McCoy was traded to a serious contending NFL team by one of the best coaches & GM in the NFL. That says a lot about the Browns front office judgement. You know, the last place in their division Browns.

      • bobg

        Your the Cleveland Browns hater.And why all the grammar crap weed bag.Sorry my income doesn’t allow me a proper keyboard.Your the one that always gets your mangina hurtCrying about people calling names an your always brnging up peoples education level.Remember when u spelled grammar wrong that was funny

  11. superdouche

    yea he gets it alright lmao bring ina guy who has been cut by three teams in one year and make him the starter lmao you are just a funny funny guy the guy was offered as a trade and no one wanted him they had to cut the bum because there was no deal out there for a guy that sux thats…. it GET THAT?

    • LG

      Looks like the Browns are making a trend out of that….

      • RICK

        Looks like there will be a battle for QB position. Nothing wrong with that, it will just make them play better.

  12. Jus10

    Oh LG… We will just call you “Poor mans version of Skip Bayless?” maybe worse since at least he uses his Name not what TV he owns…

  13. Justin

    Oh LG.. stick to making TVs… Your the poors mans version of Skip Bayless


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