The Cleveland Browns led by Jason Campbell went into New England and found out first hand, why it is next to impossible to beat Brady and his Patriots at home. It’s difficult enough to do battle with the 11 men you face on the field, but when you play the referees, it comes down to impossible.

Say what you will about the Cleveland Browns not having a shot at the win. Cleveland should have won this game and it was taken out of their reach, by the refs. The Browns completely had Brady and the Patriots beat.

Cleveland held Brady and his Patriots at check for 58 minutes and then the refs called the Cleveland rookie Leon McFadden for pass interference in the end-zone. This was one of the worst calls I have seen in some time.

There was no question there was contact on the play, the receiver from the Patriots was grabbing McFadden’s arm all the way down the field, but there wasn’t any contact on McFadden’s part in the end-zone.

To make matters worse, the refs called a very questionable call against Jason Campbell for intentional grounding late in the game. Campbell was clearly outside of the tackle box and Fozzy Whittaker was the intended receiver who was within 5-8 yards of the pass.

Yes, it is hard to beat the Patriots at home, but when you have to play the refs as well, it is impossible to come away with the win. The Browns didn’t fall victim to the Patriots today, they fell victim to the NFL’s chosen one.

Tom Brady gets calls to go his way more than any other quarterback in the NFL. It is clear what is going on here. The NFL loves Brady and the Patriots. But come on man, don’t make it look so obvious.

These kind of calls that influence a game the way these did are inexcusable. There is no way this kind of bad officiating should be left alone. Someone has to take a stand against this kind of thing from happening. The Browns should have won this game today. Not the Patriots. They beat Brady at his own game and they shouldn’t have to beat the refs too.

This loss is difficult to take and shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

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  1. David

    Once again, I couldn’t agree with you more LG. Roger Goodell needs to start cracking down on these referees who make absurd calls. They need to be fined and/or suspended. However, I cannot let the defense off the hook this time either. It seems like they forgot how to properly tackle and how to put serious pressure on Brady in the second half. Too many points given up in the second half because either they shot themselves in the foot or got way too lackadaisical which is also inexcusable and unacceptable. So, I think it was partly crappy second half defense and partly crooked officiating.

  2. David

    Yes, the refs were terrible. As a fan said tonight who called into a radio show, the refs appeared intimidated by NE’s HC and the announcer answered between Bill and Chud, who would YOU be intimidated by?

    Any way, it’s another loss. It’s more excuses. Regardless of the terrible calls by the ref(s), we gave up 12 points in under two minutes. When you do that, you don’t deserve to win.

    Another week highlighting that we have no running game, hence no game control. We sent our best option at running back to the waiver wire to be picked up by Tampa Bay and our #1 RB falls forward at the line for more yardage then he rushes for.

    Now it’s wait and see for us to waste not one, but TWO 1st round picks in 2014. Remember the last time we had two 1st round picks??? I do. How’d that turn out for us?

    Right now I’m considering shipping all my fan gear to the Cleveland Browns Office Building with a thanks for nothing letter.

    • Ric

      Awesome comment dude,my sentiments exactly.

    • David

      Word is McGahee has a concussion. Seeing how easy it was for Gordan to bust open a 30 yard rush it’s obvious the problem lies in the backfield talent. It’s time to move Little to RB like he was in college and move Bess to our #2 WR, put Cooper in as #3 or slot guy.

      • LG

        What backfield talent?

  3. marty

    LG; I was digusted with the Brown’s last three games.I was at the point to I wish they would play for a higher draft choice. The one thing I can’t change is playing the game to one’s best ability and fairly be judged.If you loose because you have been outplayed or because of your mistakes, then it is what is deserved. I’m wise enough to know that games are swayed, and iit is not an honest world. When you have two plays overturned because they were challenged. Yes, do make the plays right by instant replay. In the last two minutes when Patriots scored a touchdown, there was no penalty it was a clean hit. The onside kick, the ball was touched by number 3 of the patriots. The ball direction of travel was changed.There should of been a penalty and a rekick. The interference in the endzone was nonexistant. There was no change in the patriot’s chance at the ball. Is this what fairplay in sports all about ? It is obvious that games outcomes are controlled. Too many bad calls are not judgment calls. They are meant to sway the final score. If the fans think I’m wrong, then they watch the games closer. LG, I know you can’t agree—-but I know you do!

    • LG

      I do agree this was bull….

  4. Joseph Meissner

    The Browns are such losers. They deserve this for all their bad and substandard playing. There was no reason even to play this game. They should have just called it for the Patriots before the kickoff and not put everyone through this misery. Save the grass.

    The best favor the Brown could do for their fans, themselves, and our city of Cleveland is just forfeit all the remaining games. Pass the surrender document, forget 2013, and bury yourselves in the ground underneath the dog pound. The only problem will be the odor that stinks up the place from you.

    • LG

      What are you kidding me? The Browns played one hell of a game in New England….

      • Scott Held

        Joseph Meissner, you are a complete idiot

    • marty

      Joseph Meissner; The Browns are not the losers. They outplayed the Patriots in every aspect. It is because it is not an honest world by any means.You had to listen to the game on the radio, either you are blind, you didn’t watch the game. The refs didn’t make judgment calls that could go either way, they made calls that were flat out flagrent and obvious calls that should of not been questioned. Instant replay on slow motion showed the onside kick– the ball was touched by number3 of the patriots. The ball changed direction of travel. Maybe your a Brown’s fan, but your not a fair minded person.

  5. G

    While it’s entirely possible tat 35 seconds was enough for Tom Brady to take the Pats 30 yards and steal a win, it would have been nice to at least make him/them earn it. Horrible call. That said, if the Browns just recover the onside kick, we’re not having this discussion. The Browns are closer than their record indicates, imo. Gotta get over that hump.

  6. luke49

    This may be a first. I agree with you. I’m just surprised you didn’t blame this one on Weeden. I think that is a first for you. Everyone knew, including kids playing Jr. high football that an onside kick was coming. How do you let that happen. Special teams did not make the contributions that we have come to expect from them.

    • LG

      It sure looked like a Patriot player touched the ball before 10 yards as well…..

  7. ron

    we need a review system for the bad calls being made. These are game changing calls with no recourse other than say a word and you will be fined.
    three challenges all over turned in one game……really.

  8. JIM V

    The Cleveland Browns won that game yesterday! The referees took that away from them. Coach Sam, Reggie Rucker and all the other talking heads said it was the finest game they had seen played since the Brown’s came back in 99. A short story! For 18 years I lived in Houston, Texas. I was a diehard Houston Rockets fan if I wasn’t at the game I was watching it on TV. I Going crazy because the referees were not calling it the same way for both teams. I used to scream. It’s rigged! eight a lot of people thought I was crazy! until a few years back they found a referee that was fixing the games. I’m sure it made it up to Ohio. The funny part is that a reporter for the Houston Chronicle was able to find out that the NBA and the NBC network did not want Houston to be in the playoffs or win the championship! Let’s be realistic. Question number one. How many holding calls were there yesterday I saw three holds flagrant holds on New England no flags! However, in all fairness I didn’t look that hard for holding when we were on offense. Doesn’t that strike anyone funny? The NFL and the NBA are monopolies! They are corporations. My question. Whatever happened to the Sherman antitrust laws? Three plays were overturned in our favor. Strange!. I’ll bet the farm that the NFL will come out with some kind of statement, which will say missed calls or questionable calls. Does it ever occur to any you football experts that it might take out the momentum from a team when they’re playing against the referees also? I also saw the ball on the onside kick hit the leg of a patriot. Tom Brady was going to win that game yesterday because the NFL wanted him to! I’ve changed my opinion of coach Chad, he brought that team out ready to play serious football and thinking they could win! In reality the Cleveland Browns won that game yesterday.

  9. Swarming Defense

    No, not the Browns fault, It’ Brandon Weeden’s fault.


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