I never understood why the Cleveland Browns drafted Brandon Weeden with the 22nd pick in the 2012 NFL draft until now. Weeden is a guy who can move the team, he came out throwing tonight and completed 3 of 3 passes to move the Browns into scoring position. Then he couldn’t get the Browns into the end-zone, he fits right into what the Cleveland Browns coaching staff does in Cleveland. Why in the name of GOD would the Browns watch a guy throw the ball and get the Browns into the red zone and then call plays that take away the pass? Then when the Browns are forced to pass and the defense knows the Browns are forced to pass they call a pass play. The Cleveland Browns coaching staff has no imagination, none at all. They could see Weeden can throw a pass and get the Browns moving, then when they get into the red zone the team switches what they are doing.

The Browns had no business drafting a guy lie Brandon Weeden, they need to build an offensive line to give a pocket passer like Brandon Weeden time to set up and throw a pass. You have to have a quarterback that can protect the football when the pressure is facing you. Weeden has always been labeled as a guy who cracked under the pressure, we saw it first hand tonight.  Weeden fumbled the ball twice when he was faced with pressure. He has now idea what to do when he gets into trouble.

People think I hate Brandon Weeden, trust me when I tell you this, I don’t dislike Weeden. The Browns front office messed up big time when they took Weeden with the 22nd pick and led people on thinking this guy was going to be the answer to the Cleveland Browns problems. The Cleveland Browns know what they had for an offensive line. They knew the line needs work, yet they go and draft a guy who cannot protect himself or the football when he is facing pressure. That is what I don’t like.  The Cleveland Browns management couldn’t diagnose the problem with the team. We have guys sitting in the front office making millions of dollars a year and they couldn’t see Colt McCoy wasn’t the problem with Browns football.

Listen people, you saw it first hand tonight. It wouldn’t matter who the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns was, if the offensive line can’t protect him you have nothing.  Until the Cleveland Browns can fix the problems with their offensive line that is supposed to protect their quarterback, the team will not succeed. Is this all Brandon Weeden’s fault? Absolutely not, just like last season wasn’t all Colt McCoy’s fault.

These guys need some help. Brandon Weeden isn’t the guy who is going to deliver the Cleveland Browns to the promise land. Unless the Cleveland Browns can figure out a way to protect their quarterback, Brandon Weeden will be lucky to make it through the 2012 season. The Browns may as well keep Colt McCoy in there as the starter, at least he can run for positive yardage. Weeden cannot do that….

Even Ray Charles could see what the problems with the Cleveland Browns was, to bad the people who make millions to do it couldn’t. Now they have another guy in Brandon Weeden they can blame it on this season. Help me out here, what is he the 17th starting quarterback in the last 13 years…… It is just as much Shurmurs fault for what happened tonight against the Eagles as it was Weeden’s fault. Brandon Weeden turned over the ball but it was Shumur who was calling crap plays after Weeden came out firing….

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  1. Bob Bower

    I don’t think I’ll read any more of your posts. You’re no Browns fan, Larry. Anybody who whines as much as YOU do before the season starts has no right to root for the Browns. If you want to remove me from Cleveland 360 as a commentator, you go right ahead and do that. You’re not a person I want to call a colleague

    • LG

      Bob you have got to be kidding me, this team made a major mistake drafting Weeden before they addressed the problems with the pass protection. He is not the right quarterback for a team that cannot protect him. They did the same thing with Tim Couch….

  2. ABrown

    I haven’t watched the game yet, just listened, but what should Browns fans be saying to make you happy, Bob?
    “Way to hold onto the ball?” “Great loss!” “I love it when the line gets pushed around and can’t protect the QB!” We COULD say “great drive for a touchdown in the 2nd half!” but the Weeden fans wouldn’t like that.

    I prefer to just talk football. So Look at the last 2 minutes of the first half. The Browns got the ball with enough time for a perfect 2-minute drill. It wouldn’t matter if it didn’t work; it’s a great time to practice and learn with no consequences.

    But here’s what happened.

    Coach Shurmur lets 30 seconds run off the clock. He calls in Colt McCoy (probably to prevent another turn over) and put the whole 2nd string line in front of his. Then he calls incredibly timid plays, a run and the 2 shortest passes McCoy has thrown all preseason so that the team doesn’t even pick up a first down.

    I think that’s terrible coaching. Wouldn’t it have done the team more good (whether he left Weeden in or Called for McCoy) if he kept in the best line, RBs, and WRs and called aggressive plays trying to get down the field for a TD or at least a 3-point attempt? And if there was a turnover, it’s preseason and a great time to learn not only techniques but a scrappy winning attitude.

    I want “Charge!” instead of “Duck and cover!”

    • ABrown

      Now that I saw the end of the half, there wasn’t much to work with — only 46 seconds. Sorry.

  3. marty stys

    It was coaching more than anything else. It is so true management will never admit a mistake. games are won in the trenches. colt mccoy was never the problem. It is common sense that if you were knocked down as many times colt was, you become gun shy. weedon will be the same. Until you fix the problem, you can’t move forward.

  4. autopilot

    Unfortunately, it is what it is with the Cleveland Browns and the direction that management and Shurmur has taken this team. They failed to adequately address two of their biggest weaknesses in either free agency or the draft. They got a running back that can really help this team although we haven’t yet seen how much improved the team will be with him playing in a real game.

    Weeden could be a really good quarterback for this team, but not unless they can get much better protection from the offensive line. I’m from Big 12 country and have seen Weeden play in person quite a few times. He is a classic pocket passer who plays really well when given protection, but he is a statue in the pocket and has very poor mobility. So, he needs really good pass protection to be effective. Management drafted him but didn’t address the need for better pass protection to help his progression into a quality NFL quarterback.

    So, what should the Browns do? Well, if preseason games can be used as a barometer of how well a team performs they need to run the ball much more. In their game against Green Bay (where they played their best) they ran the ball well over 50% of the time. In their other two games in which they have played pretty poorly, they passed it 63% and 61% of the time.

    It’s obvious that the offensive line cannot pass block and Weeden has played poorly under pressure. Maybe their run blocking can be more effective (especially once Richardson starts playing). Then defensive lines will be more apt to at least look for the run before teeing off on the quarterback.

    Do I personally think that Weeden is the answer to Cleveland’s woes? Absolutely not (under present conditions). McCoy is the better alternative with their offensive line because he does have mobility and knows the offense much better than Weeden. He has played very well this preseason (118+ passer rating vs. 59+ for Weeden) and has protected the ball much better. But, Shurmur has thrown Weeden out their as the starter and must change his coaching philosophy to help him along. Until he does, Cleveland and Weeden will be in for a long season.

    • ABrown

      Excellent analysis Autopilot. The O-line is the key and even mobile quarterbacks can’t be as good as they could be if they have protection.

      Maybe Richardson will heal well BEFORE he is put back into a game and he’ll be able to get more yards to make running the ball work as a bigger part of the offense. At least the O-linemen really enjoy run blocking and hitting the D-line for half the plays may slow down their pass rush a little.

      Shurmur likes to promote himself as a developer of young or rookie quarterbacks. So far he has almost ruined Sam Bradford, come close to getting Colt McCoy killed, and now he’s starting over with Branden Weeden in a situation where it will be difficult for him to succeed.

      • LG

        A situation that is very tough to have a guy like Weeden. I heard Shumur on the news tonight at his post game give McCoy a compliment. They don’t come easy for Colt these days…

        • ABrown

          You’re right. Those compliments come pretty grudgingly. I think Shurmur only likes to work with quarterbacks for a year.


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