Head coach Rob Chudzinski has made it official, the Browns are benching Weeden and going to back up quarterback, Jason Campbell to face the 7-0 Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday. Chud said Weeden took the news hard, be he feels Campbell gives the Browns a better chance to win than Weeden Does.

Chud said he likes the things Campbell brings to the table for this game. He is far more mobile than Weeden and the team is going to need that to try and see if they can avoid the heavy pass rush the Chiefs can bring. Chud said the team will evaluate the QB position on a week by week basis.

Chud said he doesn’t want to go back and fourth at the quarterback position. That makes some think Brandon Weeden’s days in a Browns uniform are coming to an end. Why would you keep him on the team, if he can’t do the job?

With the change being made, you have to see the Browns are still in search of the spark to get this team moving in the right direction. There is now way you can say the team is trying to tank the season. If the team was trying to tank the season,  they would stick with Weeden as their quarter.

Weeden has lost his starting job with the Browns twice this season. The first one was when he hurt his thumb and then Chud stayed with Hoyer after Weeden was cleared to play. If I am running the Cleveland Browns I would trade Weeden as soon as possible.


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  1. Jrustyo

    Can’t say I blame him but this also has disaster written all over it. This is not the game to trot out a rusty QB. My prediction is he will be running for his life and once exposed to the Chiefs defense will take enough hits to not be able to finish the game.

    Enter Weeden who maybe just ticked off enough from being benched to do something inspiring.

    No matter what happens this is going to be a tough one to watch. Let’s hope our D can keep it close.

    • LG

      Hey at least he is a guy who can run for his life. Weeden would have pooped himself and fell over dead facing this KC defense….

  2. jackrabbit21

    Trade Weeden? To who? Let’s see, what team needs a slow thinking QB who has terrible accuracy? What team needs a QB who has a terrible media presence? What team needs a QB who falls on the ground first before being sacked? Sorry, LG. He may be a hard one to trade. lol.

    • LG

      Did I say Trade? If I did I must have been freaking kidding…..LMFAO Trade him that is a good one…..He when is Holmgren coming out of hiding to tell everyone what a huge mistake it is not playing Weeden?

      • jackrabbit21

        Holmgren is hiding in Russell Wilson’s locker in Seattle sipping on a frothy Starbucks Trenta (31 oz.) pumpkin frappuccino with mini candy corns sprinkled on top while Heckert is dodging alcohol checkpoints in Colorado. And lets not forget Shurmur, he’s probably some how at fault for the Eagles losses. Still don’t get why Chip Kelly thought that clown would help his transition to the NFL.

        • LG

          LMAO that is a good one Bob, you are the original Bob aren’t ya????

          • jackrabbit21


          • LG

            Hey I though so. I told you we lost Anne Dunn Right? She passed all of a sudden. What a shame she couldn’t be here this season to see Weeden get benched not once but twice. I just saw Coach Sam Rutiglino on the news and they asked him what happens to weeden now and he said Weeden goes back to baseball.

        • Big Duke


          My understanding is soon after Shurmur got to Philly, Kelley realized how big of a flunky he is, so now he is just having Shurmur clean Kelley’s golf clubs and making coffee for the coaching staff and occasional runs to Dunkin Doughnuts store.

          • jackrabbit21

            lol – He’s probably use to donut runs for Holmgren. So that experience will serve him well.

        • jackrabbit21

          Anne Dunn. Don’t remember that name. Did she go under another name on your blog? In either case, that’s sad news.

          • LG

            Yes she posted under a different name here. You too used to post a lot together. Especially when McCoy wasn’t getting a fair shot. She was a strong McCoy supporter…..For God’s sake I can’t recall the name she used here.

          • LG

            She went by ABrown Jackrabbit21…..


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