It's comical how many people want to come out and accuse Josh Cribbs the Cleveland Browns great return man of tampering because his agent has talked to many NFL teams about acquiring the soon to be free agent. Lets get one thing perfectly clear, it is Rickert's that should know the tampering rules, Not Cribbs. Why do you think Cribbs has an agent in the first place?  The first thing people who become professional athletes do before they become professionals is to hire themselves an agent to represent them.  Guys like Cribbs put their trust in these agents to do the right thing.  If the agent isn't doing things according to the rules, it isn't the players fault. These agents are suppose to know the rules and know them like the back of their hand.

The importance of good representation can't be over stated.  How many times have we heard of professional athletes being ripped off by their agents and or managers? Plenty!  The NFL is a complex society in itself.   When they passed the new CBA a while back it was a very complex deal to understand.  Even the best of agents found it difficult to understand.  That's why guys like Josh Cribbs should turn to a guy like Mook Williams.   Williams is famous for the way he represents his clients. He knows the CBA and the league rules as well as anyone.

Cribbs is paying his agent to look after his best interests.  If Rickett's has stepped on the rules doing so, you really can't hold Cribbs accountable. To simply come out and accuse Josh Cribbs of tampering is not acceptable.  You can accuse Rickett's of doing so and you can say Cribbs may not have the proper representation, but Cribbs shouldn't be accused of tampering is his agent is doing so without his knowledge.

If Cribbs were smart he would consider getting an agent who knows how to work within the rules the NFL sets forth. He should consider getting a guy like Mook Williams who knows how to live within he guidelines the NFL set forth. You can find Williams on Twitter Josh at @MookWilliams  I strongly suggest that anyone who is considering hiring an agent that is going to look after your best interests at least talk to Williams first. He runs a first class organization. And he treats his clients like first class people too....

This article was written without the Knowledge or consent of Mook Williams and should not be viewed as a commercial message on his part. I have heard so many good things about the way Williams takes care of his clients that I simply endorsed his services completely on my own. Mook Williams had nothing to do with this publication at all. But I still contend that if you are in the market for an agent you contact Williams at least for a consultation before signing with another guy... 

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