The Indians race for post season play is coming to a screeching halt, the team has now dropped their last 4 games and it is against the tough teams in MLB. The Indians offense in Detroit couldn’t produce much for the 4th game in a row.

The Tribes starting pitching was pretty good until Zach McAllister laid an egg on the field so to speak. It is time to realize the dream of post season play is slowing and the hope of the fans is fading. There is one problem this team needs to fix and they need to fix it quickly.

They need to hire a general manager that has the ability to see  his team needed help. Chris Antonetti doesn’t seem to see it. He should have brought in a couple of power hitters that could make the teams line up more efficient. He should have seen by the offensive inconsistencies.

Until the Indians front office makes the change in the general manager position this is the Indians team the fans are stuck with. In their last 4 games they have only produced 5 runs. That is terrible and everyone can see it except for the man the Indians pay to see it.

You aren’t going to win many baseball games with out some run support. In Atlanta the Indians pitching was fantastic, yet they couldn’t bring runs across the plate and they left guys stranded in almost every inning.

The Tribe went out and got some talent, they got a winning manager and they continued to support the decisions that Antonetti makes. That is the mistake this front office is seeing. Until they make the change this is what the fans are stuck with.

A team that is a contender doesn’t lose to the first place team 7-2, they at least make it close….


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