Why Didn't shurmur Play Brandon JacksonThe Cleveland Browns are due to make the announcement sometime today about the firing of head coach Pat Shumur. It's no wonder they are getting rid of this clown. Did you see the way Brandon Jackson was able to run the football yesterday? Another example of Shurmur's lack of experience in evaluating talent. Why didn't Shurmur play this guy in any of the Browns 15 previous games during the 2012 season? Many think it is because Jackson questioned some of the coaching decisions made by Shurmur. Then it became clear that Shurmur had a personal problem with Jackson, so he did not play him, even though the guy proved to be a valuable player in the preseason.

Once Shurmur didn't like you , you didn't play in the game. In the end, it would be bad choices like these that would make it clear this guy was in way over his head. Jackson showed in the Browns final game of the season he could get the job done. He ran for 54 yards on 8 carries having a 6.8 yard per carry average.  Just think if the Browns would have played this guy and rested Trent Richardson at times. Maybe just maybe they could have won more than 5 games in 2012.

Brandon Jackson is a guy who proved himself in the NFL playing in Green Bay. Yet he was set aside probably due to personal reasons by the team's head coach in Cleveland. Hopefully Pat Shurmur learns from his own mistakes going forward and he doesn't make the same mistakes he made in Cleveland costing other teams in the NFL valuable wins because he doesn't like a player. After seeing th way Jackson ran the football in Pittsburgh the only thing I wonder is what's not to like???

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