Tony Sipp 6.95 ERAThe Cleveland Indians have been known for the bull-pen the past couple of season, (The Bull-pen Mafia) Tony Sipp doesn’t fit. Every time the Indians put Sipp into the game the team risks the chance of producing a win. Sipp just doesn’t fit the bill, Manny Acta has to know that. The fans know it why doesn’t the teams manager know it? Sipp has a 6.95 earned run average and he is a reliever.

The Indians when the game is on the line can’t afford to put Sipp into the game. He has been the weak link in the bull-pen and the Indians are watching as they fall in the A.L. Standings. Now the Tribe were swept by the Reds and they risk losing the series against the Pirates today. The Indians offense is having a tough time against the National League and the last thing they need is a guy like Sipp who is UN-dependable.

If the Indians want to make a serous run in the A.L. Central, they are going to have to have guys the team can count on. Tony Sipp is not that guy. Lets make some changes and lets make them now Indians…

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Get over yourself!

    Hey LG, you sound like you personally have an issue with Sipp. We have how many players on the team? No “I” in team, remember? He can’t win them and he doesn’t lose them by himself. Quit badgering him and support the team. Didn’t hear you whining last year!


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