LeBron James and the Miami Heat front office are going to sit down and have a discussion. Sources in the know, are saying LeBron James is going to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, there is a 90% chance one well-respected 25-year veteran NBA writer, who goes by the name of Chris Sheridan is saying.

Sure the Heat and James are going to sit down, I have a feeling LeBron is doing it out of respect for Riley and he will say his goodbyes. The Heat made moves this off-season, but none of these moves are enough to keep LeBron James in a Miami Heat uniform.

Look who the Heat signed. McRoberts is a slow version of Bosh. He isn’t going to influence James to stay in Miami. Then there is  Granger, or Deng this guy is injured half the time and  Granger & LBJ don’t get along. So why would James want to stay with these signings?

Unless Pat Riley can pull a rabbit out of his hat, what have the Heat done to give LeBron any reason’s  to stay in Miami? I could see if Riley went out and signed Melo, but so far, he hasn’t. The more you look at the situation in Miami, the more the team looks like it is making moves out of desperation. They know the end of their dynasty is near, and Riley is trying to bring out the super glue to put it back together.

If James looks at the moves Riley and the Heat has made, he is probably laughing. On the other hand, when he looks at the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the moves this team has made over the past 2 years, it probably puts a smile on his face.

So I expect an announcement, from either the Cleveland Cavaliers or LeBron James sometime this afternoon.




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  1. Anonymous

    LBJ Coming home CTown is about to get stunned !


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