While we don't agree with using racial slurs to describe people, we do agree that as American's we have rights. Part of those rights include "Freedom of Speech." As an American we are free to express our opinions verbally as we choose. Isn't that what Nate Diaz did when he took to twitter and called another fighter; "The Biggest Fag in the World."

He was expressing his personal opinion, something that is covered in our first amendment rights.  What is a FAG anyway? The English have used the term for years to describe cigarettes. It was people who turned it into a slang saying to describe gay men.

The point is an organization shouldn't be allowed to take away a person's right to make a living, by steeping on their first amendment rights.  Diaz makes his living fighting in the UFC. While the UFC certainly has the right to put rules in place to curtail certain language, they shouldn't be allowed to take away a person's earning potential from expressing their opinions.

That is what makes America a great country to live in. We have certain rights that allow us to do and say things that could get you killed in other countries. The UFC did the same thing to another fighter who express their own personal thoughts about another UFC/MMA fighter.

Last time the UFC suspended someone it was, heavyweight Matt Mitrione for calling transgender fighter Fallon Fox a "disgusting freak." He offered his opinion. The guy should be allowed to say what he thinks. Whether or not the UFC agrees with it or not, they shouldn't be allowed to step on people's basic rights of living in America.

What if Fallon Fox were such a great fighter and Mitrione used the same terms to describe a body build or one's fighting abilities?  Would he have been suspended then? I think not. To take away people's personal rights isn't the way to handle the situation. People have been described as freaks of nature for years.

The UFC should have a meeting to tell its fighter's what kind of behavior they expect. These people are fighter's not speech majors. They express their opinions in a way they think is acceptable. Fighter's have been talking crap since the inception of fighting, it is part of the game.

For the UFC to step on people's basic rights in just as UN-acceptable as the language they find Unacceptable from their fighter's.



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