What motive is behind the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR ) decision to take away the win Jessica "Evil" Eye took in the UFC 166 over Sarah Kaufman?

The TDLR  has to be getting something in return for making such a horrendous decision about a fight that took place damn near 4 months ago.

What is in this for TDLR? This is what people want to know. The commission has to be blind. If they watched this fight, they would see that Jessica Eye dominated Sarah Kaufman in the cage.

For the first 2 rounds this fight was all Evil Eye. There is no way this isn't some corrupt BS coming out of the state of Texas. You have to wonder why.

The UFC has to take a stand and they have to step in and tell the TDLR, they're not going to stand by and let this short of corruption ruin what the UFC is all about.

There were 3 judges cage-side for the bout and they gave this fight to Jessica Eye. No one who isn't blind would take this win away from Evil Eye.

Something has to be done. Someone has to launch an investigation into the TDLR's motives surrounding this miscarriage of injustice.

There is something that stinks about this and the answer needs to come out. This has got to be a case of corruption and someone needs to expose this for what it really is.

The TDLR has over-stepped its responsibility and they have to be crazy to think people can't see the corruption taking place with this decision.

Even Sara Kaufman was surprised by this decision to overturn Eye's win. Kaufman sent this tweet;

Sarah Kaufman         @mmasarahFollow

A BIG MORNING! Texas commission just overturned the result of me vs Eye to a No Decision! Not my win, but not an undeserved loss either...

She knows she lost this fight and she knows there has to be something corrupt about this decision.
Meanwhile Jessica "Evil" Eye is getting reading for her next fight coming up on February 22nd. She has been training hard and taking care of her father too.
Jessica Eye's father is fighting for his life with Brain Cancer. Not only is Eye working hard to get ready for her fight in UFC 170, she is working hard trying to make her dad a little more comfortable.
You can help Jessica Eye with her fathers fight against Brain cancer by clicking this link and making a donation to the fund to help her father with his fight against brain cancer.
In the mean time, lets hope someone can get to the bottom of this corrupt decision coming out of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. There has to be something behind their decision to reverse the decision that took place in October of 2013.
The 3 judges cage side gave this fight to Jessica Eye. SO how can the TDLR take it away? We need some answers here......
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